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A well-decorative living room is instantly impressive and engaging while also being functionally designed for ease of use and comfort. Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint what’s going slightly off in our living room. But you know it’s all there.

A single thing can make a large difference in your interiors, though, everyone needs to choose all the designs and styles according to the size of the room to make it look generously beautiful in appeal.

List of 6 Common Mistakes That We Do While Decorating Our Living Room

Here you’ll find 6 common mistakes that most people make while designing their living room and how to avoid or fix them in great ways:

  1. Buying a Rug that’s too Small

A poorly sized rug is one of the main offenders in the living room decoration, especially if the room is large. However, we recommend you always opt for huge rugs that can be quite expensive but plays the important aspects of a room.

  1. Selecting the Wrong Sofa

A beautiful living room begins with a great sofa set. If your sofa doesn’t fit the room then it would become an odd accent. Hence, it would be better to choose a beautiful couch if your room is small and opt for a double set of sofas if the room is extra large.

  1. Hanging Art Incorrectly

Hanging wall art in the wrong way is like a character wearing a really big wig in the movie. It’s just terribly distracting and even ruins the overall interiors of your room.

You should try taking the idea that if the wall of your living room were cut up vertically into four equal sections, you should hang the art in the third quadrant (from the floor to the top).

  1. Sticking with Obvious Fabrics

There are some great fabrics that we use to keep safe from the kids and pets to stay long. So, it’s important to select rugs that work well and stays last long. We consider you to choose a wool rug instead of the seductive silk rug.

  1. Hanging Curtains in a Wrong Way

Hanging curtain rods just above the window can be old now and even close in a space, you can hang the curtain rod half a foot above your window frame to add openness and height to the room.

  1. Ignoring Clutter

Too many accessories in the living room can overkill your décor, no matter how expensive they are! Therefore, you must opt for the accessories that should be grouped together to create a pleasing vintage and less-in-more-vibe room.


While designing a living room abstracts paintings , we always make some mistakes whether it’s about the floor, walls, ceilings, color palette, or other accents. However, it is mandatory to think twice before deciding on the final look of your living area and try samples first to make your living room looks beautiful, unique, and welcoming for all your family and guests. You may conside popular artist of all time masterpcies artwork.

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