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It can be said that the crime rate is increasing day by day.There are always crimes that take place in unexpected places.Therefore, it is necessary to take various preventive measures to overcome / minimize the crimes that often occur. One of the measures considered quite effective is the installation of CCTV at various points or spots that are considered prone to crime.

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What is CCTV?

CCTV is a kind of surveillance camera to transmit signals, at a predetermined place in the form of a monitor set.Of course this is very different from television broadcasts where the signal does not undergo an open transmission process, even though it may use a point to point, point to multi point system, or a wireless mesh link. Although almost all video cameras fit the definition described above, this term is still often applied to surveillance in certain places such as banks, airports, shops, companies, or various places prone to crime. The installation requires local professionals, for example CCTV Tampa services for installation in the Tampa area.

In recent years, a host of products and security devices have appeared on the market, each more sophisticated than the next. These new products meet as many needs as there are models, but do they all meet your specific requirements?

Before investing in the purchase of surveillance cameras, be sure to determine your needs.

The characteristics of a surveillance camera

    Type of installation

    Focal distance

    Analog camera

    IP camera



    Night vision

    Hidden camera

    Heat or motion detection

    Endoscopes and extendable arms

As can be seen, there are several characteristics to consider. How to find it?

Here are the top 8 questions to ask in order to buy the best surveillance camera system that will suit your needs perfectly.

  1. How big is the space to be monitored?

The area to be monitored will determine the number of cameras to be installed. For an optimal surveillance system, this information is one of the most important.

  1. Are the camera (s) intended for residential or commercial use?

Here again, the answer to this question will make it possible to know what type of surveillance to install, that is to say one-off, 24 hours, at night only, programmable remotely, with night vision and motion detector, etc.

  1. Are you looking for indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras (or both)?

For example, if you are going to get an outdoor surveillance camera, it will need to be waterproof, weatherproof, have night vision, etc.

  1. What type of connectivity are you looking for?

If your home or building already contains the necessary wiring, you can choose to opt for an analog connection. Otherwise, an IP connection would be ideal for the greatest possible mobility.

  1. How compatible is the surveillance camera with our router?

It is important to properly configure the camera with your wifi router so that the product is fully functional and meets your expectations. If in doubt, seek advice from a surveillance camera expert.

  1. Self-installation or not?

The answer to this question lies in your level of technological expertise. Call a specialist in installing surveillance cameras for optimal operation.

  1. Is it possible to activate and deactivate the surveillance camera remotely?

The possibility of remote activation is an important element for many people. When you are thinking about several things at the same time, or are concerned, it is easy to forget to activate the surveillance cameras. The reverse is also true.

  1. What budget do you have?

It is important to find the product that will suit your needs, but also your budget.

The answers to these questions should help you find the perfect surveillance camera system for your home or business security needs.

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