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Gear Cutting Tools

The term “Gear Cutting” refers to making gears with the help of a mechanical manufacturing process. Gear Cutting Tools are essential for power transmission, various processes, and intelligent tools. The accurate and sufficient production of gears is essential for the industrial sector.


The primary objective is to enhance the process of gear cutting to amplify the manufacturing process in mechanical power transmission. Gear Cutting Tools Manufacturers India play an important role in it. Gears are made of materials like metals, wood, and plastics. Gear cutting is necessary. Many plastic and metal gears are made without cutting.

They are put under various processes like injection molding, die-casting, or subsequent machining according to their requirements.

Processes of Gear Cutting

They include stamping, casting, machining, and powder metallurgical processes. However, the most common way of producing them are broaching, hobbling, grinding, and milling.

Gear Broaching

It is one of the most common methods of producing gears. It involves cutting out shapes by moving a broach-cutting tool through an object. As the broach moves through that object, it gets into a specific size. The size of the tooth is fixed for cutting the gear of the desired size. It is an ideal process for making spline gears and internal gears. A specific broaching tool is mandatory to ensure the desired output of the gear-cutting process. It is faster than any other metal-cutting process. It is available at any milling or machining center.

Gear Hobbling

It is one of the quick and handy processes for gear cutting. The machine uses a spiral cutting tool called a “hob” to cut the teeth into blanks. It is a speedy process that aids in producing gears at a large scale. It is done with the help of a gear hobbling machine. Here, the blank and the hob are continuously rotated until all the gear teeth are perfectly cut into blanks. It results in an exclusive finishing of the surface with high dimensional accuracy. The gears are shaped like straight, helical, face, bevel, crown, chamfer, and worm. It manufactures gears accurately and precisely.

Gear Grinding

It is the most popular method of cutting gears. It removes the surface material from the gear blank through friction. The smoothening of the surface occurs by rubbing a piece of metal against a rough surface. It is done at a very high speed due to the unwanted materials beingremoved from the gear. The unwanted pieces are removed without affecting the quality of the material. It can handle heavy loads and handle a large amount of work.

Gear Milling

In the gear milling process, the gear cutting is done with the help of a form cutter on a milling machine. The cutter machine moves axially to cut the gear teeth. They cut with precise depth and length. After cutting one tooth, the cutter rotates and cuts the next tooth. This process is continued until every tooth is cut into blanks. It has greater accuracy in the completion of the work. It can also put multiple cuts at once because it can be customized according to the needs.


Gear cutting is essential to make gear teeth of various shapes and sizes. These are based on meshing up two gears at the same pitch and proper angle to produce products of desired quality.

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