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Harridan Pluck And Shop

If you’re looking for the store in New York in Peekskill then Harridan pluck and shop is the one for you. This store remains quite famous among people residing there. Due to its many reasons that includes organization, stacking of unique items that you are searching for ,at different and multiple places. The amazing part of this store is the number of years it has given to the service of its customers and catering to their needs. Harridan pluck and shop has been in existence for 40 years.

Two sisters Nancy and Peggy are running this store. They have certainly done an amazing job to add into their inventories by bringing the unique items to their store.

Nancy and Peggy have a keen eye. In a way that they keep searching for the best and innovative items which they think can attract their customers. Ranging from flea markets, to sale markets to estate markets they search them all to bring out the things to the liking of their customers. Their customer’s satisfaction and their likes play a very important role in their venture of looking out for the unique items which are in great condition.

Amazon has many good things about this store, few things that really will make you visit this store is the way they treat and handle their customers. They remain utterly polite and welcoming to their customers. They make it a point that they listen to the needs of their customers. Nothing goes out of stock at this unique store. Their store and shelves are always full to the brim. The way they attend to their customers is wholesome. There are items like antiques and collectibles and much more which will definitely increase the charm of your home. The vibes these items will grant to your home is unimaginable. There is so much to explore in the store as there is always something new on their shelves and in their inventories. You will never be done with the ideas.

The location of the store is easily accessible and centrally located. You won’t find much trouble visiting the store without worrying about the parking space. They have made sure that their customers have ample space to park their cars. The one sphere where they have scored great is their customer handling which is quite famous.

They deal in a variety of items. That is enlisted below.


Nancy and Peggy have an eye for the antique items which are good to behold and great pieces of art. You can take them home for decoration. And if you are an enthusiast for historical antiques and souvenirs then this is your go to place. We are sure this store won’t disappoint you or your taste.


More often if you take interest in the collectibles then search no more. The owners of this place make sure that they serve the taste of customers. The sisters have put great efforts in collecting different items and specially curating special places for them to be displayed.


Nancy and Peggy have made sure that they have got everything which their customers are demanding. In their list of inventories they have even added furniture. This includes beds, chairs, tables etc. The furniture they put for sale is in great condition. I am sure you can not resist the great designs at great prices .

The sisters have made sure that they sell the items as per the new trending aesthetics in demand. You can certainly find something or other for your home or for your personal collections.

The store remains open on all the business days in the normal business hours. The store does not offer any shipment services as of now. Maybe in the near future this service is available to the customers who are situated in distant lands. For people who are curious to know if the store has a return policy will be slightly disappointed to know that it has no return policy. Apart from that you can use cash or credit to purchase items from this store. The customer service and handling is amazing. Nancy and Peggy make sure that they keep everything their customers need. Apart from that they answer all the queries of their customers which is quite difficult keeping in mind the great footfall they have in the store.

So, next time if you find yourself in the locality of Peekskill then do visit this store to make some great purchases to vibe with your home and personal collections.

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