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Kjærholm pk22

The product poulkjærholm pk22, arne jacobsen 3107 is an item of furniture that incorporates the room. These are easy chairs from the company’s best collection. The chairs flowing and simple design reflect Kjaerholm’s creativity. The chairs are a combination of steel and leather. The designer Poul Kjaerholm created elegant chairs to interact well with the surrounding. They look great in any space. The pk22 chair is the designer’s best and most unique work.

Poul designs furniture with lower heights to maintain a more down horizon vibe in the room. The discrete chairs are mainly famous for living rooms with a minimalist design.

However, Poul Kjaerholm always had a specific interest in working with construction materials such as steel. He had so much knowledge about unique designs because he was a carpenter who did his training at the Danish School of Arts. After training, he got to design plenty of chair prototypes. These vintage easy chairs are available in leather, canvas, and wicker. The base is stainless spring steel which gets satin-polished. The transversal back portion allows the buyers to sit in a relaxed position. The smooth and transparent structure of the chairs makes them attractive. If you look at these chairs, they will remind you of the chairs in international scenes in old movies.

Processing and estimated delivery time

The product’s shipping duration is not exactly a fixed one. It depends on the type of package you have ordered. For example, if it’s a smaller package, one day is enough shipping. The company takes three to four days to equip and dispatch the larger packet. It mostly happens because of the freight box preparations. Items like upholstery, textiles, spare parts take longer to get packed. Settling such big products requires a lot of time. But, you will find the handling time of each item in the description box.

If we talk about any estimated time, then at least six to twelve days are required to ship the product. The companies try to match the estimated shipping time, but there is no guarantee about it from their side. However, the actual delivery period also depends on your choice of the delivery method.

Another important thing regarding this is the custom and taxes. The customers only have to handle it. All the trade tariffs need to get paid by the customer. There is no role of the company in it.

Terms and conditions of the company

The company is not a part of the taxes and, thus, they do not get involved in it no matter what. The payment system is easy. You can make the payments through Pay Pal with MasterCard, Visa, and more. If you want to return your product, do it within 14 business days after delivery. After this period, no return requests get accepted. Cancellation of the order is not in the companies policies. To return the product you have to contact the company using their helpline number. The buyer has to clear all the shipping payments while returning the product. If you want to return the order, keep the product safe. If any damage occurs, you have to take responsibility for it and pay extra charges. Provide the correct details so that the company can contact you for any legal issues or delivery problems.

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