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Every company needs to create its own buzz to grow in the business. For that reason, they have to implement various strategies to make their identity in the business. Many times it is seen that companies merge together for partnership and provide a unique service. But when two companies are coming together they have to make an announcement to convey the decision to their target audience. A press release can be the tool to make the announcement. Thus as a businessman, if you are merging your company then you can also write a partnership press release for promotion.

About partnership press releases, many people do not have sufficient knowledge about them. There are a lot of things that you have to look out for from writing to distributing a partnership press lease. For example, there is various kind of partnership press release that can be used. Here are the variant kinds of partnership press releases-

  • Strategic Partnership:

It is a kind of partnership that takes place when you companies willingly come together for their mutual benefit. In this kind of partnership, companies can use partnership press releases.

  • Merger:

Merge is something when two companies come together and create something completely new. This way companies can expand their reach for betterment.

  • Acquisition:

The acquisition is more like a merger, but it happens when one company takes over another. A partnership press release can be used in this situation too.

  • Collaboration:

 Collaboration happens when two companies come up together for a certain project or a campaign. It is like working as a team for some time.

These are the four kinds of partnerships where you can use a press release to address your partnership. Apart from learning these, you also need to understand what you should add to a partnership press release.

What You Should Include in a Partnership Press Release?

Just like any other press release you have to add 5Ws in this PR too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create an impactful press release. The 5Ws are-

  1. Who: Who are you trying to refer to in the press release?
  2. What: What announcement you are trying to make?
  3. When: When the partnership or the process will start?
  4. Where: Where it is happening? Provide a location or region.
  5. Why: Why the partnership is happening and why it is important?

Along with these 5Ws, you also have to add 1H, which stands for-

  1. How: How the whole process going to work?

These are very important parts when it comes to a press release. You cannot miss out on any of these. Or else it will not fulfill the purpose. After knowing all these, you have to understand the format of press release writing. It is a formal writing, which is used as a tool of promotion. Thus you cannot add any extra writing to it, otherwise, it will lose its authentic charm. Now let’s know about the writing format-

a. Title:

At the very first, you have to add an attractive title. You have to come up with a title or headline that will help one to understand the reason behind writing a press release. Alongside it will build interest among the potential audiences who really want to know more about the announcement.

b. First Paragraph:

Without wasting any time, you have to add the 5Ws in the very first paragraph. You need to make it clear at the beginning for the readers. It doesn’t require much introduction, thus you can straight get into the news.

c. Second and Third Paragraphs:

After introducing everything, you have to provide further details of the partnership. It will help a reader to understand the situation even more and they will also get to know among whom the partnership is happening. One thing you have to keep in your mind is that, without wasting any time you have to convey every detail of the partnership.

d. Fourth Paragraph:

In every kind of press release, you can add quotations from any famous persona or respective persons of the company. It will enhance its charm and help to understand the purpose of the decision.

e. Fifth Paragraph:

In the fifth paragraph, you can add other things that you would like to say to your customers. In this portion, you can further details if you want to.

f. Boilerplate:

Every writing needs to have a conclusion. In the boilerplate, you have to conclude the writing and provide information about both companies. With this, you will be able to balance out the writing and end it on a good note.

g. Contact Information:

At the very end, you have to provide the contact details of the companies. It is required because if a reader wants to get further information, then they will be able to reach out to the responsible person. Thus you can add an e-mail id and a contact number.

Any professional write-up or particularly a press release has to contain all this information. Without these, a press release cannot be effective and fail to make an impact on the readers. Apart from this, you also have to know how to write a press release. Here are more details on how to write a partnership press release-

  • Write Like a News Article:

When you are writing a press release, you have to write it like a news article. Only this way you will be able to grab the attention of journalists. If you want to see a visible result then have to follow this writing style.

  • Use the Third Person:

In a press release, you always have to write in the third person. It should be written from the perspective of an independent observer. You cannot write in the first or third person.

  • Concise:

A press release should not be very lengthy. An ideal press release should contain 400-6 words. You have to keep it short and attractive to garner maximum attention. Along with that, it also doesn’t require a lot of writing, thus do not add any extra writing in the press release. Otherwise, it will lose its charm and essence.

  • Keep It Neutral:

A press release should be presented in a way that gives a neutral outcome. Do make any dicey comments or any personal opinions. It should remain neutral for better results.

  • Writing According to Target Audiences:

Audiences are the most important thing. So when you are writing a press release, you have to write and present it in a way that it influences the target audience. Therefore, when you are approaching you should always think about your target audience.

  • Select Media Outlets Wisely:

After writing the press release you have to send it to media outlets. Without the help of media outlets, you will not be able to reach out to your customers. Thus when you are selecting the media outlets, you have to choose very wisely. Or else you won’t be able to grab the attention of your target audience.

These are very important parts of writing a partnership press release. Without considering these few things, you will not be able to garner the attention of your target audience. Alongside these methods and technics, you have to come up with a hooky writing style, which has the potential to grab the attention instantly. This way you will achieve your goals in a lot easier way.

After writing you have to think about how to distribute the writing. Even for that, there are methods that you can always use to reach out to the maximum number of people. Here are the methods-

  • Hire Press Release Distribution Service:

With the help of a press release distribution company, you can always get the attention of your target audiences. These professional companies know how to distribute the writing and gain maximum exposure. They also take complete responsibility, thus you do not have to worry about the distribution and focus on your work in the meantime. Hiring a distribution company is always a wiser choice.

  • Distribute via E-mail:

You can always send the press release via e-mail, which is another very useful method and easily accessible. The only thing you have to do is build your contact database. This way you will be able to reach out to your potential customers. This method is quite user-friendly, thus you can always use it if you are looking for a cost-effective way.

These are all the details that you would need to make and distribute a partnership press release. With all these methods from writing to distribution, you will be able to reach out to your customers real quick and make the announcement without wasting any time. if you are new in this business, these tips will be very helpful for you. Other than this, you don’t even also look at anything. Thus if you are thinking about doing a partnership with any fellow company then these tips are the only thing that you will need. So use them for a fruitful result and grow at a rapid pace.

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