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Stag Do

Organizing a stag do is simple, a walk in the park; there’s nothing to it, right? Maybe you’re correct but read on because there’s more to stag do planning than meets the eye. It’s not just about locations, accommodation, activities, and beer; if you don’t provide these things, you’d

After the initial warm glow of self-confidence, pleasure, and general euphoria has passed, the reality of being the best man for your lifetime buddy, cousin, or brother smacks you like a speeding van.

After this post is a list of 12 items to think about when planning a stag do, but for now, here’s a couple of nice quotations to boost your confidence and keep in mind that we’re only a phone call away:

Whatever you do for a profession, it generally takes years to train and become competent; it’s not too dissimilar with event producers, and as a firm that has been working with stag planners and organizing stag parties for many years, we’d want to pass along anything we could to assist you through the process.

Get planning the stag do soon

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to plan. We examined how long before event stag organizers usually inquire about it when we planned all of our events over the last three years (January 2016 to December 2018). In comparison, hen party planners had a 35 per cent chance of leaving it until less than three months before the party, while

Guys, I’m sorry to tell you but you may learn something from the ladies here; extending the planning so late provides little room for error. We recommend that you begin serious planning as soon as possible, but you’ll need to have a general idea of who’s coming and where you want to visit first. From there, it’s up to you

Check what the stag wants

There’s no sense in rushing out and deciding without first discussing it with your employer. You may be familiar with him, but he may have certain preconceptions about the number of people that will attend, probable locations, format, and timings. Of course, you’ll want to keep a few secrets for yourself, such as the little gimmicks and pranks you hope to play on him but start by following his ideas and you’ll be fine.

Agree who will be attending

While chatting to the stag, try to figure out who should be on the list of people to invite. This list may be divided into two or three separate categories; those who must attend, those who really should come, and everyone else. This may also assist you in making some of the other decisions you’ll need to make, such as dates and activities for the occasion.

Set up your social network contact lists in Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or whichever one you think will be popular with the group after you’ve finished making the first list. This way, any group communications are simple to follow, leaving less room for errors.

Fix when the stag does will be

The date of the stag will be determined by several criteria. The first problem you’ll encounter is coming up with a day when everyone is free, with an average of 12-14 guys attending. You should already have the wedding date set, so at least two weeks should separate this from the stag do. This will ensure that everyone has fully recovered and that any paintball paint, head shaving cuts, and other physical proof of stag do pranks, and tricks has been erased or covered.

Don’t suggest or even rule out weekends when there’s a holiday, school half terms, or other periods of the year where there’s a good chance of people being on vacation or wanting to spend time with their families. The months between October and February are considerably less crowded, so you’ll avoid the crowds and save money on accommodation and activities. April to July are busier, more expensive months, but the weather is nicer, and the likelihood of cancelled activities is lower.

Another thing to think about is major sporting events, such as the Football World Cup, The Ashes, Olympic Games, The FA Cup Final, The Grand National or anything else. These occasions will either be a benefit or a hindrance depending on your perspective. If you go this route, my recommendation would be to avoid these dates entirely or include the event into your weekend plan at least. However, if you want the group’s approval, getting everyone in the agreement is critical.

Agree on a total budget

The per-person budget will have a significant influence on the planning and organization. If no one can afford it, there’s no sense in making preliminary reservations for activities and lodging. So, early on, introduce the group with a few options and see what everyone’s spending limit is.

Decide on the location

You may decide on the stag do location, or it may not be your decision. The city in which everyone met and went to university together is a popular choice for most groups. Once you’ve settled on a major point of contention, such as the venue, everything else about the stag do planning might begin to fall into place.


There is a lot of research and consultation to go with the group, but don’t forget to ask the boss since it’s his event. On the Internet, you may find numerous activity possibilities and articles on how to choose the greatest activities for you.


Finding accommodation that is both affordable and accessible to stag groups is difficult. Your lodgings account for more than half of the total cost of your stag party, even though you will be spending the least amount of time there.

The cost of a stag party will vary depending on the time of year, whether you want to stay for a few days or overnight (if travelling from out of town), and so forth. The following are some factors that influence the price: most parties pick two or three guys per room as this reduces the cost considerably. If you want single room occupancy, be prepared to pay for it. Breakfast is generally included; while opting for the no-breakfast option is a fantastic money-saving option, getting up with a hangover and having to locate breakfast isn’t very pleasant.

The ideal place to stay is in the city centre, and you may save money by booking a hotel outside of town. However, having to get cabs back after a long night/day might be expensive and inconvenient.

It’s time to call us if you’re having trouble finding a place to stay that will accommodate stag groups while staying within your budget; we’ve been matching up groups with accommodation for a while, so there may be some alternatives you didn’t know about.


Packages are a wonderful place to start when you’re using a stag firm to organize your event. With our packages, you may begin with a pre-built package and add or modify nearly anything you want. Simply speak with one of our destination experts, tell them what you like and dislike about one of our packages, and they will provide options that fit within your budget. If you already have some activities in mind but don’t know where they can be done, our package builder will help.

Get it booked & confirmed

OK great, you have all the components sorted. Agreed, and everyone has paid their deposits. Now is the time to get onto all the individual suppliers and provide provisional numbers. And pay any deposits they require. Accommodation often needs to be paid in full, so go for a flexible cancel-able or changeable rate, in

Take a break because there’s still more to come! Keep track of any changes in group sizes for each part of the weekend as the date for the stag do approaches. Some suppliers require minimum numbers, so if you have a lot of dropouts, the cost per person may change. You must re-confirm all vendors.

Talk to the experts

Bierkeller have been hosting stag parties for many years and thousands of happy customers. They know all about the most popular UK stag do locations, the activities you may participate in, and the hotels where you can stay. Please get in contact with them at any time to talk about your stag weekend planning and organisation.

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