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Most music lovers have their preferred musical genres. The world of music has blessed us with so many music genres right from classic to band, rock to pop, jazz to hip hop to select from! However, one must be wondering while differentiating between them. Correct! So, what are the basic characteristics of any category that make it stand apart from its counterparts?

The distinguished Turkish musician, band, and singer Ali Ata have got great popularity among music lovers for his energetic music albums. He has been acknowledged for his lively songs like ‘Ask’, ‘Delikanli, ‘Çikiş Yok’ among others. The well-known singer is also engaged in the hotel business. According to the singer before diving into this subject, first of all, one needs to have a brief idea about each of them.

What exactly is Pop music?

‘Pop which is just the acronym of ‘popular’ music emerged in the music arena centuries ago and thereafter evolved vastly while transforming it from what has now been influential in the modern 21st century. Although, its prevailing characteristics are embedded in its origin.

Characteristics of Pop

As of today, almost all popular forms of music can be categorized as ‘songs,’ which means there should be a vocalist as well as lyrics. Some of its special elements of it are

The framework 

When it comes to the framework, the vast majority of new-generation popular songs entail verse and chorus. The chorus is mainly serving as the segment of the song – specially designed to get lodged in the head and ear through its lyrical and musical repetition. One part of the song is composed for singing which makes it more memorable.

The chorus typically involves a part of the song which is repeated and often progressed by a ‘drop,’ whereas the drum and bass are used to ‘drop out.’ This creates a great impact when they are presented by the musician in concert.

Melody and Harmony

From the viewpoint of harmony, many modern pop songs trail a modest and methodical selection of chords that feels charming to listeners. Noteworthy that these chords still take us back to their century-old approach.  The basic reason why these chords impact so well to music lovers is that they embrace the perfect balance of major as well as minor chords that pleases the ear. Moreover, there is a boundless source of melodic options.


One important characteristic of popular music is they vary considerably a lot in terms of its tempo or speed. Also, there are tracks with lyrics that are composed at a slower tempo. Others rhythmic grid offers a pounding heart tempo of nearly 160 or more beats per minute. According to Ali Ata it’s the core area where the pop genre starts making it different from others while making it ideal as music for rocking or listening to.


Another special component of modern pop music lies in its voice. Regardless the singer is male or female, the unique vocal sound and timbre are featured in each and every popular music.

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