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Skin Care Treatment

The present generation faces so many skin issues, some as the consequences of an already existing disease and others due to puberty or some serious skin issue. But the main issue is how saturated this problem is and how having smooth, beautiful, and healthy skin is treated unachievable. But why is this such a huge issue at present? Puberty had always been there, and pollution didn’t, indirect chemical consumption didn’t, and neither did the tendency of youth to consume junk food as a source of their living because all these factors are what come together to show up as rashes and acne on your skin.

But someone always has your back, and in this case, it is a skin specialist. To help you out to find out the exact skin specialist of the area of concern you are suffering through, the following is a small guide to the skin issues to be treated by each branch of skin specialist in Shalimar Bagh.

1. Dermatologist- The most common one

This probably caught you a bit off guard? Because all you heard all your life is the term dermatologist is an absolute synonym of skin specialists. Sorry to break that to you, but it’s not the case. Dermatology is just another branch of the broader spectrum of Skin Specialists, and here is some of what it covers-
● Acne
● Vitiligo
● Dry Skin
● Blackheads
● Ringworm infections
● Scalp infections
● Acanthosisnigricans
● Lupus
● Skin cancers
● Diaper rash
● Eczema, etc

Treating more than 3000 skin issues, dermatology is the most popular segment of skin specialists due to how it by itself covers most of the saturated skin issues and conditions found in people these days, like patchy skin or discoloration.

2. Aesthetician- An improvised dermatologist

Why an improvised dermatologist? Because such specialists are primarily trained in the science of dermatology but have achieved a greater specialty in treating skin issues through several cosmetic procedures that are non-invasive. The conditions and remedies they are functional in are-
● Dermabrasion
● Laser surgery
● Chemical peels
● Tattoo removal
● Collagen Injections
● Liposuction, etc.

They are called Aestheticians because they largely work on improving your appearance and aesthetics and make it more appealing by combating any apparent or concealing skin issues that are hindrances to the same.

3. Cosmetologist- True to its name

Its purpose is probably quite evident through its name itself. Such specialists and their area of concern are regarding several cosmetic treatments more precisely, in detail, and exactly oriented to the same. What is the expertise of Cosmetologists?
● Skincare
● Beauty
● Makeup

Thus, such specialists can help you address any of your skincare and beauty-related queries and suggest products that will suit your skin and your requirements, both perfectly.

4. Plastic Surgeon- You know it

A very popular method of improving and improvising the aspects of the body and face of an individual that they are unsatisfied with to make them feel more confident about themselves.
Here is what plastic surgeons deal with-
● Nose jobs
● Facelifts
● Reconstructive surgeries to address injuries, burns, and inborn defects and disabilities.

Hence, can it be assumed that it is indeed a really easy task now to figure out to what broader category your issue belongs to? Hopefully, yes, and thus, now you can go ahead to the right skin clinic in Shalimar bagh and get your condition treated at the earliest to feel indeed more confident in your own ‘skin.

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