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Digital Marketing

In today’s modern age of digital marketing, the world is becoming increasingly competitive and saturated with options and opportunities for online entrepreneurs to help them grow their business online.

While in-person advertising might be over (and that’s a good thing!), you can leverage digital promotions for your business to reach new audiences and increase engagement with existing customers. In this article, we’ll share why it’s worth getting started now more than ever. If you are interested in starting a career as a marketeer, consider these tips and tricks.

Job Description and Salary Potential

As an online entrepreneur or small-scale brand, building a company online requires expertise in SEO and content management, user experience, data analytics, and social media strategies. With almost endless possibilities available in a wide range of fields, job prospects of digital marketers are also great.

These skills are highly sought after in digital marketing jobs across various industries – including eCommerce, banking & finance, real estate, tourism, healthcare, software development, retailing, travel management, insurance, fitness, and much more!

In fact, according to the latest study by Recruitment Insights, nearly half of all employers globally are expecting significant growth in demand for digital marketing professionals from 2021 onwards.

This means if you want to succeed in the field you need the right qualifications, right job search, and the right tools. And there is no better tool than Sales force Online to do just that. Moreover, when compared to other types of marketing professionals like advertising agencies, many digital marketers earn a whopping $11,000 annually!

Benefits of Working in Today’s Economy

From creating amazing campaigns, increasing conversions, building strong client relationships, and developing best-in-class customer service, working in today’s economy has its own set of immense benefits that prove helpful in making a long and successful career. For starters, there is ample talent out there and you only need to keep up with industry trends.

Also, being part of the dynamic corporate culture will not only enhance your chances of success but also enrich your professional network, which can translate into high paying careers throughout the nation. To add that, since workforces are growing at a rapid rate, they give you even deeper opportunities for personal growth, career exploration, and team building.

You can apply your skills as an online manager, SEO expert, content writer, etc., all positions that will take care of your future careers. It seems that every employer wants to hire top talents for multiple roles! So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Now let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should pursue a digital career as a marketer today.

The Benefits of Being Smart Enough

One of the biggest advantages you can get through a digital marketing career is flexibility and adaptability. As the name suggests, this type of marketing profession offers much more flexibility, including time zones, remote locations, unlimited hours per day, more freedom and so much more than any other form of marketing.

Let’s take for instance a case study. An American freelancer who lives in Los Angeles, California, might spend 20 hours per week on her side hustle; yet her schedule may not suit as much flexibility as her other colleagues, especially in terms of daily schedules.

Nevertheless the same person can work with clients during weekends (including holidays), travel more and more across the U.S., and perform tasks during weekends, all in a very convenient way! On top of that, being able to work with people and organizations anywhere around the globe is another advantage you can enjoy!

How does this benefit work this way? Well, this kind of opportunity allows you to travel freely, meet more clients and build networks while still staying abreast with the demands of your current projects, allowing you to maintain focus and ensure timely delivery of your message. Additionally, you get access to different resources, such as social media influencers, podcasts, YouTube tutorials, email templates, and more.

All that you need is to know how to manage your time wisely and put yourself at ease. Just make sure you don’t neglect these important things!

The Need for a Healthy Work Environment

Being a passionate marketer can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. After all, without adequate sleep, physical exercise, stress reduction, positive food choices, and more. We get it.

But before we jump to this, let’s first discuss if the position would actually allow for healthy work environments. According to a recent survey conducted by Wharton School of Business, 41% of global office workers report that productivity has been affected due to poor work hours. Therefore, if you love the idea of working remotely for a quick profit, consider working at least two weeks in advance.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of your body and mind but rather getting involved in active lifestyle behaviors that will surely allow for the right balance between getting enough rest, physical exercises, and proper nutrition (think about having some vegetables and fruits for the sake). The key thing is finding ways to fit both the goals of business and your health. Now, this is something people are already doing in certain spheres of life.

People choose wellness foods to fight hunger, yoga, meditation, relaxation, fasting, mindfulness, etc. However, this particular strategy cannot be implemented as a full-time career to date. Nonetheless, one major advantage of being a digital marketer is you can make your own time, schedule, and plans for managing your time so your busy days are hardly interruptions to your work schedule. Another big perk is you can work with teams or just be a soloist! Isn’t it amazing?

The Future Growth of Small Brands and Startups

If you look around, there are numerous small businesses and corporations that want to attract consumers and boost their sales. Yet, do not think it is limited to large companies alone; instead SMEs and start-ups are thriving too.

In 2019, eCommerce giant Shopify saw an 8x increase in revenue when compared to 2018. In addition, over 30 million startups were founded last year all of which grew exponentially from 2017 and 2018. Not only are these companies scaling, but they are proving to be extremely profitable.

Especially considering the rise of cloud computing, many SMEs are also gaining momentum. From the list of small companies, Airbnb, Zend, and Flipkart are among the hottest ones. Not only these SMEs have proven themselves to be incredibly scalable, but these companies’ revenues are showing tremendous growth every single month! Simply put, the way businesses thrive today is because of the proliferation of technology.

More and more smaller businesses are shifting towards technology-powered solutions to boost their economies.

While most other forms of marketing are specialized, the digital landscape is evolving all at once as well. Whether it’s marketing campaigns for affiliate websites, consumer engagement with products, brand outreach via Facebook ads, or social media promotion, digital marketing is quickly changing the game.

That’s why today’s digital marketers need to make sure they are prepared to keep pace with the changes and the emerging industries. Here’s where the value proposition of your career as a digital marketing professional comes in (if you haven’t been convinced yet, read our blog post!).

By preparing yourself for today’s fast-changing market, you will be helping your business continue to thrive as opposed to stagnating. Thus, why should you decide to get started in 2021 rather than stay stuck in 2020 forever?

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