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Valentine's Day

The stereotypes prevalent in our culture have become a mandate-chocolate on Valentine’s Day. However, just because this tradition is common, it does not mean that it should be boring. While every day is a wonderful day for eating chocolate, Valentine’s Day is seen as a time of indulging a little more than usual. The history of Valentine’s Day took centuries-old myths, marketing, and traditions to write chocolate into Valentine’s Day history.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you thought about how chocolate and love formed a relationship? How was the tradition of giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

The history of Valentine’s Day spans the Roman era, but the addition of chocolate as a staple fixture on a day dedicated to the celebration of love is quite a novel addition. Here’s why to give chocolates on Valentine’s day! Read on make this Valentines chocolatey special for the one you love.

Ancient Tradition

The Mayans clearly appreciated the magic of chocolate, as they drank it, first roasting cocoa beans and then grinding them into a paste that was mixed with chiles, cornmeal, and water. In addition to using chocolate in religious ceremonies and tasting it at the end of feasts, they were the first culture to make a connection between chocolate and love. Some Mayan wedding ceremonies include a ceremony in which the bride and groom ceremonially sipped chocolate. So we have this, the first big display of chocolate and love.

Chocolate is the ‘food of the gods’

Chocolate comes from the cocoa tree, also known as The obroma cacao, which is a Greek way of saying ‘food for the gods’. While we can agree on this word only on the basis of taste, in the ancient Mayan civilization for which the cocoa god was sacred, the word had more spiritual and literal meaning. The Aztecs exchanged cocoa beans as currency and between them as privileged food and drink. So if chocolate is edible for the gods, it can be good enough for your significant other — or even for you.

Because science says so

Chocolate has always been linked to love and Valentine’s Day because its content can cause a good chemical in the brain. With a delicious taste, it can put people in the mood for some romance, and isn’t that exactly what we want on Valentine’s Day? Send some delicious delicacies online!

Chocolate has an emotional impact on people.

The fact is that chocolate has a huge physical and emotional impact on people. Giving chocolate is not just a sign of love, but has also been given as a way to express happiness, initiate desire, express your forgiveness and friendship again, or even just to enhance the mood. Is because it is a powerful mood enhancer. Years of research suggest that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has some health value. This is good for your brain; It can reduce blood pressure. The food is also packed with antioxidants and flavonoids that help fight cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Expression of love!

Chocolate is all about luxury and indulgence, and that is why, even today, people consider it as the best gift for Valentine’s Day, which is given to pamper and make people happy.

There is a fascination for chocolate that, in essence, is exotically romantic, it is simply a food declaration of love that makes chocolate recipients feel special and undeniably gratifying. Chocolate looks good and tastes heavenly. This luscious substance not only melts in our mouth in a burst of flavours but also melts our hearts in joy. Perhaps this is the biggest reason that chocolate is the most preferred gift on Valentine’s day.

So, when it comes time to show that you all feel warm and fuzzy about how much they mean to you, there’s a good chance you’re saying it with some chocolate. There are master chocolatiers from which you can order some of the best chocolates available online. From chocolate bouquets to chocolate combos to chocolate cake, You can explore Floweraura Valentine Chocolate Gifts and send it directly at your loved ones’ doorsteps with just a tap on your phone. Happy chocolate gifting! Happy Valentine Day!

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