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Greetings, lovers of movies! Prepare yourself for a journey that will be all the more enriching with Telugu movies on Jio Rockers 2023. So, to help you stay on top of the most popular films in 2023, we’ll take you through a journey that covers the new releases, standout movies, and must-watch movies that have already hit the theatres in this extensive guide. Thus, now I embark you on a rollercoaster of the best 7 Jio Rockers 2023 Telugu releases.

  • The Trial

    At their first wedding ceremony, Roopa (Spandana Pilli), an officer of the police in Hyderabad, faces a very traumatic incident with the death of Ajay (Yug Ram), whom she married, accidentally falling off the building. The police reopened this case even after Ajay’s family moved on. They charge Roopa with murder. The main takes up the investigation, Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu), who is making shocking revelations concerning the couple’s past. Can we see what conclusions do we get? Is Roopa a killer, or is she pretending to be that way? The motion picture comes with the idea of putting the pieces together of the puzzles surrounding the lighting at the end.

  • Tiger 3

    From Tiger Salman Khan, a story of Avinash Singh Rathore, a RAW agent, responds that Aatish Rehman, an ex-ISI official, is not well and wants to meet him. But in the next lane, Aatish Rehman, the winner of the race, defeats Tiger by a margin of two steps and conspires to terminate Tiger. That is when Tiger put on a show; what did he do? Aatish Rehmamans goal is? Zoya played a crucial role in unlocking Tiger’s skills needed for the mission. An essential aspect of the film is the fact that it is the core of the plot. You can watch or download the Telugu version of the movie on Telugu Jio Rockers 2023.

  • Conjuring Kannappan

    Gamer KP (Sathish) wants to find a job and earn salaries that will allow him to move. The house is dry because of the broken water line, and his interview is just a few minutes away. When he uncovers a long-abandoned well, he sees an embroidered dreamcatcher that has haunted him and takes a finger. He gets in trouble for this because he already has some eerie dreams and sees ghosts in a haunted palace.  He even makes appointments with the psychiatrist and the exorcist, but still, he dreams of the same night after night. Nothing other than what is mentioned in the exorcist’s speech, the plot is the one who wipes off the feather will be tormented in the dream. When this happens, he now has his family members as his companions, with Sylvester being the fire bender (Anandraj), Devil Armstrong turning from a boxer to a comedian villain, and Dr Johnny as a psychiatrist (Redin Kingsley).

  • Krishna Ghattam

    Krishna Ghattam is a story about the life of Prasad. He is said to be a creator of numerous aspects and systems that are in use now. (Venkata Govada) and (Rajesh)( Chaitanya Krishna), and it is based on the village backgrounds of (Chekka Palli). Prasad occupies the role of a bank employee by day. At night, however, she finds a pleasant solace in the theatre. He also is an honorable figure among the residents. Nevertheless, Rajesh is a worry-free adolescent and has been enamored with the village belle, Rama (Maya Nelluri). Suffering provides an insight into the way of existence, and it’s only then that Rajesh finally understands what it means in his life. What’s that? The storyline of this is all about the idea.

  • Kaathal – The Core

    Homo Sexual Concepts is the book on the topic of Kaathal the Core. In the 19th year of Ama’s age, she has found that her husband, Mana (who has a horn on his head), is gay. For every one of them, there is a nineteen-year-old girl. Omana bears. Then, the issue will be at the age of twenty. The local by-election has Matthew as the winning candidate. In less than two months since McClain took the oath, Omana’s divorce will be overseen by that ruling. However, Matthew appeals for dropping the case as he is detrimental to his future political career. But Omana won’t acknowledge it. The whole story of Matthew’s relationship in the village is now being rumoured up and down the unga streets. The elasticity of the story is the main factor between Omunay and Matthew (called Kaathal).

  • Hi Nanna

    Photographer Viraj (Nani) is a professional by training; hence his work is his life. Bhaii looks after his daughter, Mahii, who is six years old (Baby Kaira Khanna). Mahii will not know the truth when Viraj does not tell her anything about her mother. Ultimately, Viraj agrees to acknowledge his marriage- but only if his wife gets the first grade. Mahhi indeed completes this task, but Viraj does not fulfil his pledge. Such a thing infuriates the girl, who gets mad and moves out of the house. During an accident, Mahii is met with Yashna (Mrunal Thakur), who is somehow bizarrely not affected by the effects of the release of toxins. The film is about what happens to Yashna, who changes Mahii and Viraj’s lives.

  • Calling Sahasra

    Sudigali Sudheer, known for his work in Jabardasth Comedy Show, acted in Gaalodu after that before he teamed up with Arun Vikkirala (Calling Saharus director) and did his suspense thriller. We will all remember December 1, 2023, when this film will premiere in theatres. Presented on the OTT site of Amazon Prime Video on this New Year’s Eve day, the movie is digitally premiered today. Initially, there was a below-average response to the film in theatres, leaving the audience missing out. It is a project under Shadow Media Productions (SMP) and Radha Films, in which I play the main female character in the movie that is produced by the team Vijesh Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, and Venkateswarlu Katuri. Mark K. Robin is the man to assume the position of music director. Keep tuned to this space for more updates on the dynamic OTT release schedules.

In a nutshell, Jio Rockers Telugu movies 2023 are very entertaining, balancing all the preferences of the cinephiles. There is no reason to confine yourself to a single genre since you will find all you need whether you are an enthusiast of heartbreaking drama, comedy, thrilling action, or controversial stories. Get into the realm of Jio Rockers, ready to take you on a unique cinematic experience for the Telugu movie.

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