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Kashmir, fondly dubbed ‘heaven on earth’, attracts travellers with its postcard-perfect landscapes of snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, blooming gardens, and gondola rides. While popular places like Srinagar, Sonamarg, and Gulmarg feature in every Jammu to Kashmir Holiday package, Kashmir also boasts some relatively unexplored natural treasures waiting to be uncovered by intrepid travellers.

  • Lolab Valley

A world away from touristy vibes, the Lolab Valley in North Kashmir transports you into an idyllic rural setting surrounded by pine trees and crisscrossing streams. Trekking trails lead to sparkling glacial lakes like Kalaroos, where you can camp under starry skies. The valley also features natural hot springs with medicinal properties. Customize your Kashmir packages from Jammu to include this lesser-known beauty that exemplifies pristine Kashmir.

  • Bangus Valley

Close to the famous Thajiwas Glacier trek, the offbeat Bangus Valley remains untouched by commercial tourism. Encircled by the mighty Himalayas, Bangus is filled with blossoming narcissus and tulip flowers in spring. With a light green river, colourful meadows, and nomadic Gujjar tribes rearing their cattle, Bangus feels like a fairytale valley lost in time. Budget just a quiet day here to feel your soul relax.

  • Daksum

For an immersive trip into authentic rural heritage, visit picture-perfect Daksum village, located in dense pine forests and surrounded by alpine mountains. Stay in traditional wooden houses, learn pottery making, interact with shepherds, and buy local crafts from old couple-run shops to support their livelihood in exchange for their art. With just 150 residents, gorgeous Daksum exemplifies slow living at its best.

  • Doodhpathri

Translating to ‘Valley of Milk’, Doodhpathri’s velvety green meadows do resemble flowing milk! Located just 30 kilometres from Srinagar city, one wouldn’t guess that such immaculate beauty exists so close to an urban area. The many flowering glades are perfect for picnics, photography, and feeling rejuvenated by nature. Don’t miss the sunset views. Pack a lunch or snack from a city cafe to enjoy here.

  • Yusmarg

Only 47 kilometres from Srinagar, Yusmarg is a nature lover’s paradise, with meadows carpeted in wildflowers of every colour, pine trees overlooking mountains, and a winding river passing through. Meaning ‘Meadow of Jesus’, legend has it that Jesus spent time meditating here. Hike up to Nilnag Lake or enjoy a picnic in the woods, followed by a Kerala-style massage at tourist bungalows to relax tired muscles.

  • Verinag Spring

Verinag spring is Kashmir’s very own fountain of youth! Emerging from the lap of the mountains, the natural water body has never been known to dry up in its existence, making it a perennial source. Its cool, crystal-clear mineral-rich waters are considered medicinal, and long bathing queues can be seen here. Verinag makes for an offbeat stop in Kashmir tours from Jammu packages before heading onward to Anantnag.


Besides iconic destinations, Kashmir is filled with untouched natural beauty waiting to be discovered by responsible travellers. Extend your stay by a few days and customize Jammu to Kashmir tour package, to uncover these hidden gems nestled in the valleys, mountains, and villages. Their unmatched beauty will make you marvel at how much magic could still have remained a secret from the world and just how precious it is.

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