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Vancouver web design company

Vancouver web design company offers end-to-end web development services to equip your personal or business website with the digital tools to make it efficient, innovative and successful, thus helping to position your business at the top of the competition.

By using our web development services, you get the digital tools that solve your challenges and transform your operations to the latest technical and commercial standards.

We dive deep into your business ecosystem and technology infrastructure, explore the market, analyze your needs and your ability to innovate to deliver a digital strategy that will help your business evolve over time.

Whether you are looking for professional web development from scratch or need to redesign, upgrade or scale your existing web resources, our team will help you realize your ideas with the intent of helping you achieve a better result than that. that you imagined.

You will work with a professional web development team made up of analysts, designers and engineers fully focused on delivering a product that brings real value to your business.

We use an agile approach to ensure the transparency and efficiency of the development process and to ensure that you will achieve predictable successful results quickly and at an optimal price.

How Vancouver web design company developed successful websites in 2021

“Customer journey”

At Vancouver web design company when we create a website we have to keep in mind that the site is used to communicate to someone: to a user, to a prospect, to a customer. This is why the most important goal is to create a sensible path designed specifically for him. What in marketing jargon is defined as customer journey” or ” customer journey “.

It is, therefore, necessary to conceive and prepare the customer’s “path” from the first visit to your website until the moment he becomes a customer.

As you do this, think about which pages they will view, what content they will read and which offers they will convert. Understanding this will help you design a site that actually helps “nurture” leads through sales funnels.

In the design of your website, navigation is essential. This is how users can dive deeper into sections like your services, products, blogs, etc. There is nothing worse than a site with a disorganized or confusing navigation interface.

If users can’t find their preference, they have no reason to stay on your site. Instead, they will “bounce” and find a competitor that offers a better user experience.

Avoid distractions

Users are in a hurry. The time spent on a website (and on each page) web is very fast. In a few fractions of a second, with a quick glance, every navigator tries to understand he is in the right place, where he can find what he is looking for.

At Vancouver web design company we must therefore go to the point, avoid unnecessary distractions, redundant elements, too long or heavy content.

With an audience that has an attention span of just a few seconds, you need to make it clear what your user will learn web design about the page they are viewing.

It is also important to avoid too many animations or interactions on the page. If you are scrolling down a page and you see each button pulsing or section of icons, each with its own animation, you can feel overwhelmed and distracted by the content of the page.

An important tip is to make communication integrated and coherent, avoiding an excessive scattering of colors and the use of elements that can distract such as, for example, scattered elements, iridescent buttons or colors that are too loaded.

Spacing must also be consistent, as must the use of fonts and the location of graphics and text.

Social and testimonials

If you shop online on Amazon you will probably do like most people who, before purchasing, read the reviews of other users and then choose the products marked with the highest amount of stars and positive comments.

This happens because these reviews instil confidence in the product we need by pushing us to buy it.

The same scenario applies to your product or service on your website. If users see impactful testimonials from real people, they will be much more likely (according to studies, the average is 58%) to trust you.

How should your testimonials look visually in order to build trust in your users?

First you need to think about which testimonial format you want, text or video. Video testimonials are generally more effective as the video captures more attention and stays longer in memory allowing you to hear voices and see the faces of real people.

You also have the option of textual testimonials which, if designed and incorporated correctly, will still help build trust with your users.

In addition to inserting the reviews of your testimonials “manually”, you can of course also draw from social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other channels such as Trp Advisor (if you are in tourism) Trustpilot.

Provided they are genuine, testimonials will improve your website experience and build trust with your potential customers before they become customers.

Call to Actions

Implementing calls to action is really crucial.

Once your visitors land on your site (probably through your blog or home page), you need to guide them to the strategic sections of your website that will work towards conversion.

Users are generally “lazy”. For this, we must make their life easy and navigation comfortable. So point them in the right direction, so that they don’t have to struggle to find what they are looking for.

One of the best ways is to use strategic calls to action in specific areas of the site (for example at the top right of your navigation, under certain sections or in the footer of the site).

But don’t lose sight of your potential buyer’s “journey”. The most obvious (and wrong) thing to do is to overwhelm call to actions users everywhere they go, however, if they aren’t ready to buy yet then they probably won’t take any action.

Instead, you should meet your user where they are based on the page they are viewing.

For example, if they are on a page of material used to build a custom closet, it is more likely that this person is still educating themselves and becoming aware of their problem. Rather than attack him with a “ contact us now” call to action, offer him the opportunity to view a complete guide on building materials for bespoke cabinets.

Not all users are immediately ready to buy, which is why funnels are needed to “warm-up” users during their customer journey.

Mobile friendly

Given the spread and increasing use of “mobile”, it would be a mistake to assume that a visitor to your website is using a traditional desktop or laptop computer – chances are good, in fact, that he will use a tablet or smartphone.

Traditional websites, even those developed a few years ago, weren’t originally designed for mobile displays, and don’t perform well on today’s modern devices.

In general, a mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to display properly on smaller screens, such as iPhones or Android smartphones, or intermediate-sized tablets.

Standard desktop websites don’t perform well on these devices, while a mobile-optimized site adapts to the smaller screen size and adapts its content and interface in a mobile-friendly way, delivering larger and easier text. to read, mobile navigation, buttons and page elements at your fingertips, faster download speed.

Why is it important for the site to be mobile-friendly?

With more and more visitors accessing your company’s website on mobile devices, it’s important to make sure that all of your visitors have a positive experience, no matter what type of device they’re using to get there.

If your website takes too long to download or isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, they might switch to a competitor. Having a mobile-friendly website brings with it several key benefits, including better search visibility, improved user experience, greater brand penetration in the market. At Vancouver, a web design company you will get the best web design will all these features.

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