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FanFix is now the king of the world of content creation and among Gen Z earners who now earn ways of making substantive incomes on the platform. But how does Fanfix stand out from other buildings that post the content?

What is Fanfix?

Fanfix is similar platform to Patreon, which is an online software platform that enables YouTubers and content creators that come from other platforms, for instance, Twitch, to host unique content and sail a monthly subscription fee from their subscribers as early access to distinctive original blogs, videos, and others.

Fanfix was developed back in 2021, by Cameron Dallas, Simon Pompan, and Harry Gestetner. Dallas is a 28-year-old YouTuber and Vine influencer from California.

In the year 2022, Fanfix by SuperOrdinary enabled this interaction between brands, creators, and customers. This acquisition is driving awareness among other influencers making it boost the platform for content creators’ market.

YouTube channel Writing Secrets explained “What is FanFix” which you can watch here:

Fanfix and Age-friendly Materials

Perhaps the most important difference between Fanfix, and other similar sites like Onlyfans and Patreon is the fact that there is no nudity (no NSFW content on this site.)

As Onlyfans and Patreon also allow nudity on the websites, Gen Z creators could be insecure and uncomfortable with the fact.

Given the secure alternative being provided to Fanfix by these platforms, the streaming service hopes to have Gen Z viewers by allowing them to earn a lot of money in addition to interacting with their followers.

The moderator checks every DM, or personal message, and all content entering the site so that people do not use Force Awakens ‘younger creators’ as a victim for anyone’s bullying activities.

Why Gen Z Continues to Choose Fanfix?

While it is still very competitive to get a spot on the platform, it may also perhaps play a role in why Gen Z consumers desire that particular platform. Social media requirement for any Fanfix creator starts with a minimum of fan base of 10k.

By letting people know that you are already viewed as popular and that you would like to host content which carries a fee in order to enhance user interaction is a necessity if you happen to possess a Fan fix.

Referring to paywalls, Gestetner recently mentioned in an interview with Forbes that Gen Z certainly value proprietary content. Now, imagine living in a world where everything you wanted to watch was available with a click of a button—any show you wished for—without having to pay anything. Maybe it can be on YouTube or Netflix.

The area that Generation Z decided to occupy preferred exclusivity in the world of visibility above that of Availability in consideration of content.

How does Fanfix work?

The Paywall Option – This option was specifically implemented for the users of Fanfix – they build a paywall and define their subscriptions fee after joining a membership. Such content creators can get make up to $50 for their work but they have to make below five dollars. On the flip side, although the product is considerably less maximum than Patreon $100 cap, features such as “Tip-to-DM” allow creators with give patrons a chance of engaging priavately with by their subscribers via a private message for $3 to $500. There are many creator channels form other social media platforms that are earning well too. Some of them are Brooke Monk fanfix, Abby Berner fanfix, Mikayla Campinos fanfix, and Anna Shumate fanfix.

However, some disadvantages of Fanfix include the fact that its website charges a 20% commission. That is much more than other platforms their prices. On the other hand, the commission fee is said to be higher due to the open nature granted to the us wherein all the users are able to view the status of all the projects passed to the platform. In addition, the company introduced SuperLink, a link-in-bio platform to showcase a content creator’s Fan Fix page. Now, along side the possible monetization of Fan Fix as a paid social network or a shop, the creators of the network also receive 46% of the advertising revenue.

Besides Super Ordinary, a shop that had its own dedicated e-commerce platform known as GalaGala just purchased the platform. Although GalaGala is not a current option, Fanfix creators will have an option of accessing GalaGala. Being on Fanfix could eventually benefit those who produce their own products because they could gain access to go to GalaGala.


However, FanFix is an excellent platform for such an artistic creator markets where artists can use their skills to make money and communicate with their audience. Since OnlyFans is also gaining popularity because of its user interface and pricing mechanism as a subscription model, it is only natural that Taps is also gaining popularity.

What is the greatest is that with Fan Fix you can also engage with each other and run giveaways and prices making it effective in targeting chefs and fitness devotees and coaches, computer game fans, and motivational speakers.

If you’re an influencer or a content creator and would love to reach your audience beyond OnlyFans and expand, earning money doing what you love, give FanFix a try.

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