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What to Include in Your Child’s Custom Pencil Case

You took your baby to school for the first time with a packed bag, delicious lunch, and notebooks that they like. But, oh, you forgot to give them a spare pencil and colours that you bought last night. Does that sound any good for your baby’s first day at school? Absolutely not! Your kid must be either too excited for their first day or too nervous. In both situations, exciting stationery in their bag would bring a smile to their face. So, make sure that the custom pencil case you bought for them is packed with the right stuff. Well, it might be a bit nostalgic yet blurry. You might forget one thing or another that should go in the pencil case. Don’t you worry, we have got your back!

Go through the list of things you have to put in your kid’s pencil case. In case you forget anything, this list right here will make sure you don’t.

Essential School Supplies

Basically, you can choose from cars made of plastic, metal, and cloth material. The last option is often recommended because they are easily washable, customizable, and light to carry. They can easily fit inside your baby’s little bag.

The best custom pencil cases also have compartments inside. So what does your child carry in it?

#1 Pencils

Of course, you would not forget to pack a pencil in the “pencil” case. But make sure that you always put a spare one in there. Kids lose their stationary in no time, and they may need a spare pencil at any moment. Even if not lost, the pencil may break. So your kid should always have an option in any case.

It is crucial to check if the pencil in your child’s case is broken or fine when they return from school. If they have kept any broken pencils in there, remove them from their box. The chipped pencil can hurt them.

#2 Pencil Sharpener

Always go for sharpeners that come with containers. There should not be any trouble for your child while using it. The box allows your kid to dispose of the shavings in the box itself. They will not need to get up from their seats to dispose of the dust.

Also, the open sharpeners may accidentally hurt your child since the blade is open. The cap of the sharpener should be tight enough not to be open while using.

#3 Eraser

Children are exceptionally executed when it comes to erasers. It is because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some even have fragrances that attract kids a lot. So put your kid’s favourite shaped erasers in their custom pencil case. You can also put a small extra eraser in case the other one gets lost.

#4 Flexible rulers

Flexible or foldable rulers are great to bring to school. They can easily be stored in a pencil case. They can last for a long time, so your kid can use them for even a year.

Choose custom pencil cases with your kid’s favourite characters, and they bring everything essential to school.

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