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It’s easy to find products to sell on Amazon after understanding your sourcing options as an e-commerce seller. Most startups and small businesses think of at first of wholesale products and made-to-order manufactured goods.

In this article, we’ll uncover what kinds of products you should sell. This way, you could begin your own e-commerce business with knowledge of what to look for when finding products to sell on Amazon.

What Kinds of Products You Should Sell?

Every private label product won’t make money. In fact, several types of items will not even sell. That’s why, when you decide what to sell on Amazon, it is very important to have strict criteria.

Following are some things you should look for when you search for the most suitable products to sell on the Amazon FBA:

  • Low Competition: preferably, you should find products that not many other people are selling. That’ll make it simpler to make your place at the top of the rankings.
  • High Demand: find products with at least 300 sales every month. This will work out to 10 sales per day, which is a great benchmark.
  • Not a lot of Reviews: Customer feedback is a huge part of the search algorithm of Amazon. If top products in a niche all have thousands of reviews it’ll be difficult to get noticed. Find niches with the top sellers having fewer than 200.
  • Less than 5 lbs. weight: Heavy items are expensive to store and cost more to ship. This is important especially if you are importing stuff from China. Find lightweight items for reducing your shipping costs. Fewer expenses mean high-profit margins.
  • Size Under 18” x 14” x 8”: Bigger products also take more to ship, and because they need more room on the shelf you will get charged extra for storage. Therefore, to keep your costs, you should look for smaller items.
  • Sales Price Between 10 – 70 USD: You want to sell products that are not very cheap that you cannot make any profit from them, and are not priced extremely high that it’ll scare customers off. 10 – 70 USD is normally the sweet spot.
  • Cost 25% of the Sales Price: Find products to sell for roughly four times what it costs you to source them from a wholesaler.
  • Daily Use Items: Items people need daily tend to sell pretty well.

We encourage you to make requirements of your own but make sure to use the suggestions here as guidelines.


Now that you’ve learned what kinds of products you should sell. We hope this will help you in getting your Amazon business a step ahead.

Still hungry for more? Zonbase blog post has a lot of tips, tricks, guides, and much more needed for launching and improving Amazon business successfully.

Best of luck to you, looking forward to hearing about your success!

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