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When it comes to residential architecture, most prospective homeowners confuse between Modern and Contemporary styles of aesthetic approach. For those who prefer going with simplicity, balance, and also evolving concepts a blend of Modern and Contemporary Style can be a perfect choice. But what exactly mean Modern and Contemporary Style? In this article, Joe Cianciotto, an avid in architecture explains an overview of Modern and Contemporary style homes.

Ironically, modern design takes people back to the home designing plans which have been built eras back, on the other hand, contemporary design focuses on the newest and emerging architectural concepts. Precisely, the contemporary style is more advanced and trendier which will make homeowners feel ‘living at the time’, moreover, it is evolving constantly. Conversely, modern home design ideas follow a strict set-up of minimalism, uniformity, and limited ideas.

In recent years, the industry witnesses an elegant combination of the two. Because contemporary modern interior home designs bring together two approaches on a single platform, interior designers enjoy the leeway to mix decorating concepts spanning through different periods, ideas, and cultures. So, with this homeowners can get an opportunity to optimize the uniqueness of their homes and enjoy the highest ROI.

Unique Features Of Contemporary Modern Home Designs  

Simple but Elegant Aesthetics: it highlights minimalism through architectural designs while demonstrating a highly sophisticated and timeless elegance in its nature.

An Open Floor Feel: To bring in a feel of spaciousness, an open floor approach has emerged as a top trend. For example, the ideas can be found in the kitchen merged with the dining space or the living room unified with the kitchen.

Avoidance of Elaborate Designs: the whole idea is to display a style that comes with an uncluttered and simple look with avoidance of elaborate concepts of architectural designs and elements.

3 Unique Ideas to Unite In Contemporary Modern Style Home 

Choose a Colour Palette Matching the Aesthetic: Most modern contemporary style uses neutral as well as pastel colors to raise a sense of functionality. Rather than choosing monochromatic shades which could look the space feel low-spirited, homeowners need to make sure to add decent color matching with home decor. Adopting toned-down colors in furniture and the upholstery with bold colored well-designed throw pillow will make it look highly stylish.

Clean Lines with Curvy Pattern: According to Joe Cianciotto, adopting curved patterns in the exterior and interior design has become a highly popular style in modern contemporary homes. Things that make this pattern one of a kind lies in its flexibility enabling architects to alternate among curved edges and straight lines to make a home look more fashionable, chic, and inviting. Adding textural decorative and artistic rugs will add to its elegance to a great extent.

Consider Lighting Fixtures: Unarguably, the idea of illuminating a home has gone mainstream. Most modern contemporary home features lighting fixtures ranging from pendant lights -ideal for enclosed spaces to highly classy chandeliers -great ideas in open spaces.

This styling of a home is a vital part for boost its feeling while making it comfortable in all terms. Working with skilled architects should be always the priority to get the best out of it.

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