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GMAT Crash Course

Preparing for the GMAT exam is often an intensive process that requires you to create a detailed study plan and stick to it. Often, you take anywhere between six months and a year to complete your GMAT preparation to your satisfaction. However, what should you do if you have very little time to prepare for the GMAT?

You should consider a GMAT crash course if you have less time to prepare for the exam. So, how can a GMAT crash course help you? Crash courses are usually intensively revision-based. They help you get an overview of the whole exam syllabus in a relatively short span of time. GMAT crash courses typically follow two or three months cycles, and you can choose one that is in line with the date you have scheduled your test for. They also are comprehensive and have a set pattern that they follow so that you may successfully complete the syllabus on time. These are your best bet if you need to do some last minute preparation or revision. In case you need to get doubts cleared last minute or have any specific confusion in any of the topics, you can opt for a mini crash course as well.

GMAT crash courses offer mock tests for you to practice and also solution sheets so you know where you are making mistakes. Studies also suggest that crash courses help students grasp concepts faster and retain them for longer as well. This is why GMAT crash courses are important.

Another very important aspect of the GMAT exam that we want to discuss in this article is your GMAT validity. So let’s dig right in.

You must have wondered how long can the GMAT score you receive be used? GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date of your examination. For instance, if you take your exam in September 2021, then you will be able to use your score until September 2026. On the other hand, scores will be available for reporting for a maximum of ten years. Beyond ten years, you will not be able to utilize your score and it will cease to be available to you through GMAC.

The GMAT exam is one of the most popular standardized exams in the world. If you create a good study plan and stick to it, you are bound to succeed; achieve a great score, and secure admission to your dream business school. No matter the duration of the study plan you create, doing well in the exam is about having the discipline to study for it regularly and identifying your weaknesses so that you can work on them.

Good luck!

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