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One of the best work vans in the market currently is the 2023 Chevrolet Express. Things you should know about this van include its powertrain, cabin space, and pricing. This is a great-looking van that offers practicality and functionality better than any of its rivals. To get this van, people need to visit China Grove Chevrolet GMC dealer.

Everything to know about Chevy Express

As mentioned earlier, there are three primary things to know about this vehicle. These include:

  • Powertrain

A range of powertrainsis available for people who seek to buy the 2023 Chevy Express van. A V6 4.3-litre option is available that produces 276 hp and a torque of 298 lb-ft. Also, this engine is mated with an automatic 8-speed transmission. This is a great engine for this van; however, people looking for more power can go up a notch.

The second one that takes power to the next level is a V8 6.6-liter engine that creates 401 horses and a torque of 464 lb-ft. It is grouped with automatic 6-speed transmission for a swift gearbox operation.

The powertrains available are totally competent and deliver the power that is required for hauling ample cargo or passengers or simply towing any trailer.You can choose which engine to go for will depend on how much power your van would require daily for work.

  • Interior

This is a work van and thus, Chevy kept the interior simple and practical. Chevrolet Express can seat 15 passengers at the most. Its longevity is quite remarkable, this van was launched in 1966 and to this day, this van is in the first generation. Even now it looks great for a work van and is the reason why people still buy it.

The entry trim comes with a radio, Wi-Fi, etc. For Bluetooth connectivity, people will have to opt for Chevy’s Communication package. Moreover, it will add satellite Sirius XM radio, CD player, etc. Other features that people can enjoy consist of a color 6.5-inch touchscreen, navigation, and more. To acquire more details on this van’s details and test drive, you need to visit China Grove Chevrolet GMC dealership.

  • 4 van variants

4 Version of Chevy Express is available for people to buy. Its cargo van comes in two trims 2500 and 3500, which are priced at $39,895 and $42,995 respectively. Its passenger model includes Passenger Van 2500 & 3500, which costs $44,095 and $45,295 respectively.

You can choose to get either its cargo or passenger van depending on the work you do and need the van for. The primary difference between the passenger and cargo van models is that a passenger van comes with passenger seats while a cargo van comes with an empty cabin.

These are the things that one should know beforehand. Such information will help you to choose the correct model for your work and know how much you should expect to pay for it. However, through discounts and other offers prices will vary. So, visit a dealership today and consult experts immediately to book it.

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