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One of the best luxury vehicles from Genesis is the 2023 GV80. This flagship SUV from this car manufacturer is a treat to the eyes and more. It offers several features along with a level of sophistication that is missing from most of its rivals. In addition, it is quite affordable; hence, this luxury automobile is unlike any other vehicle in this market segment. So, you can visit Maple Shade Genesis dealer to get a feel of this car.

What makes it a luxury vehicle like no other?

The primary aspect that ensures its uniqueness is its design and sophistication provided to buyers. Also, it has a powerful enough engine to offer all the driving thrills a person seeks. Moreover, its pricing makes it even more attractive and helps it stand apart from its competitors.

Unique design and classy aspect

The exterior portion is what makes this vehicle look unique in the first place. Its front end comes with Genesis’ exclusive twin-headlight design along with a large front grille; the Genesis logo sits on the hood just above this car’s front mesh grill. The entire package gives it an authentic look that not only makes it look unique but also showcases its luxuriousness.

Apart from this, GV80’s cabin comes with a mesmerizing interior that is created using top-notch materials. Metal accents, ambient lighting, leather upholstery, and more gives it an upscale vibe without any cluttering. The design involves minimalism and offers an elegant factor that every posh vehicle should have.

Support and comfortable seats are what people enjoy when buying GV80. Also, these seats have a massage function for the ultimate relaxation when going on a long drive. Moreover, this SUV is quite spacious and allows 13 carry-ons behind its second row and with all seats folded it can haul 28 carry-ons.

Also, the tailored dashboard of this car comes with a large 14.5-inch touchscreen display. Navigation, premium stereo, integrated smartphone, etc. are just some of the tech features that people can enjoy thoroughly.

To get a feel of the luxury of GV80, you need to visit Maple Shade Genesis dealership.

Other car aspects

The entire car’s interior and exterior portray its posh vibe. However, it is a car that is more than just its look. Under its hood sits a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine that creates 300 horses. However, there is an optional V6 3.5-liter engine that generates 375 hp and takes about 5.3 seconds only to reach 0-60 mph. Visit a dealership to know more about its outstanding powertrain!


The base model starts from $56,925; however, you need to get either 3.5T Prestige or 3.5T Prestige Matte, which are priced at $76,195 and $77,695. Apart from these three, there are more than 5 variants available, which you can check out by contacting a dealer.

Therefore, its luxurious features and looks along with a great power trainand such a reasonable price when compared with its rivals make it a luxury vehicle like no other. It is the best luxury SUV that money can buy!

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