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Benefits of Exercise

After a hectic day at work, all we aspire is to lay in bed and have a restful sleep. Working is essential for sustenance but getting proper rest and sleep is essential if you want to maintain a healthy and balanced life. With our fast-paced lives today, stress, tension, and anxiety can actually prevent you from getting quality sleep, despite your physical exhaustion.

In the short term, poor sleep can ruin your whole day by extracting productivity from it. In the long term, a lack of proper sleep can cause severe neurological and psychological damage that can even become fatal. There are various ways to prevent this from happening- you can talk to friends about your anxieties, play breakout escape room Koramangala for stress-busting, or get into a routine of working out every day to help regulate your sleep better.

Wait, what? Working out to sleep better? 

Most of us cannot sleep properly at night because of the amount of stress that gets piled up after a day. There are many ways by which you can get your sleep cycle back to normal and have a great sleep. Some of these ways can include meditation, journaling, affirmations, or exercise. It has been scientifically proven that including some kind of exercise in your daily routine can help in improving the sleep cycle and eradicating insomnia.

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A night of deep sleep helps the body to refresh and gives it time to relax before it gets to the turmoil of new thoughts. Exercises help in forming the base for a healthy heart and brain. The best part about exercising is that it enables you to unite with your mind, heart, and brain. When there is unity between these three aspects, your brain automatically relaxes. Thus, resulting in a better sleep cycle and a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercising for better sleep include:

1.      Reduction of Stress and Anxiety:

The most frequent cause for not having a good sleep at night is the amount of stress and anxiety we are exposed to. With fast-moving technology, it gets difficult for humans to think of resting or taking proper sleep. Exercises help in releasing stress levels and are a proven remedy for reducing mood disorders or anxiety. When the stress is released through the form of exercise, the heart, mind, and lungs automatically start to adjust to get a night of better sleep.

2.      Reduces Sleep Issues Like Insomnia:

Exercise is one of the best ways to cure insomnia naturally. Insomnia refers to a condition of habitual sleeplessness, which can be because of a plethora of reasons. Aerobic exercises are particularly beneficial for the treatment of insomnia. Exercising can help in lowering sleep disorders by calming the mind and getting the breath back to normal. This indicates the body needs to relax and rest.

3.      Sets the Right Tone for the Next Day:

Exercising can be daunting for many people, and hence, it is that one thing that is always on top of our to-do lists. The feeling of accomplishing this task and the thought that you have done something for your body gives you a sense of satisfaction. This is the satisfaction that decides whether we will have a good sleep or a tense one. When you exercise, the release of chemicals puts you into the right mindset and hence sets the right tone for bed because of the feeling of accomplishment.

4.      Uplifts the mood:

The right mood can help you sleep restfully. How many times have we just stayed awake because of a bad day? How many times have we had the pleasure of sleeping restfully after a good day? Exercising helps in setting the right mood for you by the release of serotonin and helps you stay energized and excited all day. This right mood-set helps in having the satisfaction to get to bed and sleep peacefully. The right mood can help you stay pleasant and sleep with no distractions.

5.      Increases slow-wave sleep phase:

We typically sleep through five phases of sleep every night. Each sleep cycle has its patterns and benefits on the brain. The deep sleep or the slow-wave cycle is what gives us satisfaction at night and is thus, considered the most important phase. Exercising helps in increasing this phase and maintaining a healthy balance between metabolism and the brain.


Exercising is highly beneficial if you want to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. But you should not do heavy and extensive workouts just before bed, and the body can get recharged, resulting in delayed sleep cycles. Regular exercising keeps you maintaining a healthy routine and puts you in the right mindset to wake up and start your day. You can include calming exercises or yoga and meditation for a night of better sleep. Try including exercising in your routine to see better results yourself.

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