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Ayurveda, in general, has identified various plants and produces that have numerous health benefits. Bhringraj is one such popular plant that has been known as ayurvedic science for many years and is common in various natural home remedy recipes. Eclipta alba or Eclipta prostate is a small plant with long leaves and comes in four popularly known varieties. Each variety varies in the color of its flower. Yellow and white flowering Bhringraj plants are most commonly used for health purposes.

The main reason why Bhringraj is known to be highly effective in treating health woes is because of their bio-potent compounds and phytochemicals. Common ones include ursolic acid, riboside, and luteolin, which can treat several skins, hair, and other health issues. Some of the reasons why one should invest in the bhringraj plant online are:

Digestive health benefits

Bhringraj is known to have digestive health benefits. It helps treat dysentery, cramps, vomiting, etc. Bad bacteria in the gut is one of the biggest reasons behind stomach flu, and Bhringraj helps kill these bacteria. It also protects the liver cells by regenerating new cells and flushing the toxins from the liver cells. Bhringraj is also helpful in treating stomach ulcers caused by alcoholic consumption, aspirin, and other medications daily.

Skin benefits

Bhringraj is known to treat various infections of the skin. People used Bhringraj leaves paste on the skin to treat various skin troubles in the past. Even now, one can get fresh Bhringraj leaves online and use them on the skin after a doctor’s consultation. It is effective in treating fungal infections, skin boils, and eczema. Today, one can find Bhringraj in various ointments and skincare products.

Hair benefits

Bhringraj is one such ingredient in hair care products that is highly popular. Bhringraj is known to help with hair re-growth and prevent hair loss. Oil of Bhringraj also helps in preventing greying of hair prematurely. The bioactive compounds of the Bhringraj help keep the hair healthy and vitalize the hair condition.

Respiratory health benefits

Asthma and bronchitis are two very common respiratory issues. Bhringraj helps treat and alleviate the problem to a certain extent. This herb helps reduce inflammation in the cells surrounding the respiratory system, thus helping treat respiratory problems effectively.

Heart health benefits

Bhringraj is known to affect blood pressure control and reduce cholesterol levels positively. When these two factors are controlled and taken care of, heart health gets improved to a large extent. Bhringraj helps make the heart strong by controlling the levels of triglycerides and also alleviating heart palpitations.

Immunity boosting benefits

Bhringraj is good at boosting immunity over time. Many immunity-boosting concoctions tend to have extracts of Bhringraj in it. It can effectively fight harmful microorganisms and free radicals that cause health damages.

Bhringraj is a magic herb that helps in treating different health conditions effectively. One can use them in natural remedies and find products with Bhringraj extracts in them. One can also find Bhringraj oil for various hair and skin problems these days.

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