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Mental State

When we work too hard, we experience constant pressure. Due to this, emotional and physical fatigue sets in. Our state of mind, to put it mildly, gets ruined and our quality of life starts to deteriorate. Improving your mental state is not easy, especially if you are constantly stressed, unable to set priorities in life, and if your relationships with people are not going well.

Of course, this is not easy, and you cannot improve it in a few days. However, if you make certain changes in your lives, and they become a habit, then the chemistry of your brain (on which the state of mind depends) will also gradually change for the better. As a result, dopamine and endorphin levels will increase.

We prepared some useful recommendations to help you feel better. If you make them a habit, they can lead to a significant improvement in mental state.

How To Improve Your State Of Mind?

If we drink coffee on an empty stomach, it is bad for our adrenal glands. As a result, we do not receive any energy but lose it. When we wake up, our brain naturally provides the necessary levels of dopamine. After an hour or two, its level decreases, and at this time a cup of coffee or tea will be very helpful. Here are some more such tips that can help improve the state of your mind:

Rest 5 Minutes Every Hour And A Half

At first glance, this may seem frivolous. In fact, giving yourself 5 minutes of rest every hour and a half is very useful! First, it allows you to relax the brain. Secondly, you get the opportunity to move away from the usual mental noise and all sorts of pressure. This helps to focus on the “here and now”, on your true needs, on the inner world.

During these moments of rest, do the following:

  • Place your hands on your stomach and inhale for 5 seconds. After inhaling, hold the air in your lungs for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds
  • Do this breathing exercise with your eyes closed. It must be repeated 3 times
  • Relax, focus on how you feel. Think or remember something good and pleasant

Say No To Alcoholic Beverages

Poor mental health state, such as depression or anxiety gets worse if a person drinks alcoholic beverages in excess amounts. Research has revealed that mental health problems and alcoholism are bidirectional. It means that one can lead to or worsen the other.

No matter what the relationship between mental health problems and substance use disorder is, both of them normally co-exist. Thus, they impair a person’s overall health. It is important to get rid of such co-occurring disorders to restore your mental as well physical health.

There are several treatment centers that provide integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders, which means both mental health problems and substance abuse are treated at the same time. In this way, a person can improve the quality of his/her life and enjoy it better.

Chocolate After Meals Improves Mood And Gives Energy

It’s the same with chocolate as it is with coffee. If you want it to give you energy and improve your state of mind, it is best to eat it about an hour after your having your meal. However, choose dark chocolate, preferably without sugar. After a couple of squares of chocolate, your brain will thank you with a good dose of endorphins.

Time To Relax Yourself

It would be ideal if you could devote at least an hour a day to silence, peace, and communication with nature. If this is not possible, it is enough to set aside an hour a day for a walk. The main thing is that at this time you can disconnect from the noise and pressure of the outside world and restore your mental balance, coming into contact with your inner world. This practice is very helpful in improving mental health.

Do Something New, Make Changes In Your Life

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Our state of mind depends on many factors. It can be stress, some kind of illness, for example, hypothyroidism, or just boredom. Change something in your life: enroll in a course, dance school, make new friends, go on a trip, learn to draw, start a diary, change your hair, become a volunteer, adopt a cat or dog, and learn to play a musical instrument. All this stimulates the brain and can improve the state of the soul.

Drink Coffee 1.5 Hours After You Get Out Of Bed

Probably many will not agree with this advice. How can you really wake up if you don’t drink a good cup of coffee right after waking up? But the traditional approach is a fallacy. It does not take into account the peculiarities of our metabolism and brain chemistry.

If we drink coffee on an empty stomach, it is bad for our adrenal glands. As a result, we do not receive but lose energy. When we wake up, our brain naturally provides the necessary level of dopamine (a hormone that is responsible for the psycho-emotional state, that is, mood).

After an hour or two, its level decreases, and at this time a cup of coffee or tea will come in handy. Immediately after waking up, it is very good to drink a glass of natural juice, which is rich in antioxidants. Coffee time, we repeat, will come in 1.5 hours.

Pay Attention To Monounsaturated Fats

Monounsaturated fats, from which omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for the body, help stabilize blood sugar levels and burn fat. They also help keep the brain and cardiovascular system healthy.

Therefore, include avocados, olive oil, nuts, eggs, and salmon in your diet.For your psycho-emotional state, it is very important to eat right, including foods that increase serotonin levels in the diet.

Now you know what you need to do to improve your mental state, so follow our tips.

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