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The ability to live to 100 seems like a pipe dream to many. But in practice, a huge number of people reach this age, observing some simple rules of longevity.It is believed that life expectancy is 25% determined by genes and 75% by lifestyle.

And if you consciously begin to take care of yourself at least from the age of 30, the probability of living to 100 years increases significantly. The most significant factors of longevity can be divided into three groups: proper lifestyle, a healthy diet, and strengthening. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Right Lifestyle

The first factor for living longer is to lead the right way of life. The following tips are needed in order to make your life bright and rich. So, the components of a healthy lifestyle include:

Be An Optimist

A positive attitude towards life is characteristic of everyone who managed to live up to 100 years and cross this milestone. With age, they do not lose curiosity and enjoy communication with loved ones. Most gerontologists (specialists in the preservation of health in old age) agree that optimists have the highest chances of becoming centenarians.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

If you want to live to 100 years old, give up alcohol and nicotine. Even if you fail to live longer, being healthier and more cheerful in old age is a worthy reason to give up addictions. Quitting alcohol addiction can be more problematic and you may have to get professional assistance. However, do not worry about the financial burden of the treatment if you have Ambetter insurance.

The Ambetter mental health coverage is extensive. It covers the mental and medical health needs of an individual, including substance abuse disorders. Through such assistance, quitting addiction and spending a healthier life becomes possible for many people.

Spend Time With Your Family

Usually, older people narrow their social circle. This step is wrong in every way. Communication charges you with positive emotions and energy. By sharing valuable knowledge and accumulated experience with young people, an elderly person feels his/her importance. And this greatly strengthens the will to live. At any age, try to communicate more and by doing this you benefit yourself and others.

Healthy Eating

Healthy nutrition is one of the most important links in the system that can help a person live to 100 years. There are hundreds of different recommendations for healthy eating, but today we will look at a few of the most important ones. So what are these rules:

Choose The Right Products

In our youth, most of us get used to the fact that the stomach can digest almost everything. However, with age, the digestive system becomes picky and less able to tolerate heavy food. And if we sincerely believe that we become more reasonable with age, then why not apply this to our food choices?

Saturated fatty acids have no practical value for the body. They do not participate in biological processes and can only be utilized as a source of energy. And their accumulation in adipose tissue significantly reduces the chances of living to 100 years. Saturated fats are abundant in fatty meats, butter, and palm oil.

Always Drink Clean Water

Water is necessary for the flow of vital processes. It is continuously required for metabolism, the delivery of nutrients to cells, and the timely removal of waste products from tissues. Water should cleanse the body, not pollute it. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drink water from the tap.

If you want to live to be 100 years old, find an opportunity to drink good clean water. In any city, such water is sold from cars and special machines, but you can buy a high-quality filter for water purification at home. Even if you drink a lot of juice and tea, try to drink an additional 4-5 glasses of pure water every day.

Eat Vegetables, Fruits, And Berries

Most people limit their diet to a certain group of foods. But if you want to live to 100, you need variety. Vegetables, fruits, and berries should form the basis of your diet, and every day you need to eat something new. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, and berries are rich in specific antioxidants. By diversifying your diet, you will provide the body with all the necessary substances.

Strengthening Your Body and Brain
To live up to 100 years, you need to maintain and strengthen all the systems of the body and also carefully monitor its condition. Now we will highlight some of the most important habits that are most conducive to strengthening the body:

Monitor Your Health

Neglect of medical examinations is a characteristic feature of modern society. People prefer to diagnose themselves and prescribe treatment using the Internet. Many people simply do not trust doctors. But deliberately abandoning medicine is stupid! Any discomfort can indicate a serious change in health. Of course, no one will go to the hospital because of every sneeze. But if you want to live to 100, regular check-ups are a must.

Train Your Brain

To keep the brain in good shape, it is necessary to constantly load it with mental work. Read, think outside the box, and find complex solutions to everyday problems. To give a good load to the brain, learn something new constantly. Learn foreign languages, comprehend new professions, and get additional higher education.

Take Away

Of course, lifestyle alone does not guarantee longevity. It is also important to protect yourself from accidents, not to risk life and health once again. Many people who are fanatical about their health are fond of extreme sports, which do not contribute to longevity. Such hobbies are a personal matter for everyone. But if you want to live to 100, the best way to significantly increase your chances of doing so is to start following the advice in this article right now.

Thank you for your attention, enjoy good health!

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