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Those who belong to a commerce background must already know about the accounting software Tally ERP 9 with GST. For those who don’t know, Tally ERP 9 is accounting software that records the financial transactions taking place in the accounting period and gives an overall result of your financial position with the use of financial statements such as Trading and Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Inventory, Sales and Purchase during the period and all other stuff required by a company to know the financial status of the company. This software is easy to use and will probably take about three months to understand completely; however, it varies from person to person, that how much good he is with the accounting laws, standards, principles, and regulations, some might be able to be expert in just a month whereas some might take longer time.  Tally institutes in Faridabad are known to have the best faculty to teach Tally ERP 9 with GST.

What is the need for institutes to learn Tally ERP 9?

Suppose you are a businessman or an accountant. In that case, it is a good thing to know about Tally as it can help you with maintaining records like purchase, sales, inventory, payments, receipts, etc., managing bank reconciliation, tax management, job work analysis, payroll for your employees, and giving you a detailed financial statement like profit and loss and balance sheet.

Scope of learning Tally

This course offers various opportunities to many people starting from the entry-level position to the head accountant if you are perfect with this. There are so many tally coaches in Faridabad who can help you make familiar with this accounting tool. This course is for those pursuing accounting as their career, who want to learn advanced tally to increase their skill set, and especially for those who want to handle their account independently.

There are many omissions and errors which can be prevented with the use of this accounting software, “Tally” if recorded manually, there is almost no chance that you will be able to rectify and identify all the errors because some of the errors cannot be seen such as commission error, error of principles, omission of the transaction, etc. Eventually, this will lead to the false health position of the business, and if it is at a very large scale, you could end up winding your business. The government sets up many laws and regulations that if anyone is found showing false health position of their company, they will have to face the consequences, pay a huge fine, and close their business under the Companies Act, 1991.

When are you eligible for Tally Course?

There are certain parameters that you need to fulfill to proceed with the learning of this s. It will be easy for you to catch up to things if you have commerce background, and you can also apply for this course at any age and pursue this as your career.

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