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Dedicated Resources

Businesses today are not bound by their geographies anymore. Hence, to reach customers and stakeholders, having a website for your business is a necessity. Some businesses even require a mobile app to engage with their customers or partners. Developing a website or mobile app, however, is by no means a simple project. For the website or app to work smoothly and ensure that it looks great, a team of professionals is required. As they are generally the first point of contact between you and your customers and present themselves as the face of your business, you must choose the right experts to work on them.

Businesses can go about this in two ways: by either creating an in-house development team or hiring dedicated resources as an external team.

An in-house development team is a team of web and mobile developers that like other employees are working for your company full-time. A dedicated resource is a group of professional developers that work on developing your website or app full-time but are hired as employees by a developing agency, i.e., your company and the developing agency are working together on a contractual basis. In simpler terms, it can be thought of as hiring a freelancer, but instead of an individual, here we have a group of people having different expertise who will take over the development of your website or app. They are referred to as ‘dedicated’ because, during the course of your project, these developers will not work on the app or website of any other client. Their full focus, efforts, and time will be completely dedicated to working on your project only.

Deciding between the In-House team and Dedicated Resources

When you have severallarge and intensive projects and a huge budget, then an in-house team makes sense. While a dedicated resource, on the other hand,is perfect for when you only have a few apps and websites that need to be developed and don’t have a restricted budget.

Signingdedicated resourcesareaccepted to be the better choice because they vastly reduce costs and can offer a faster turnaround time. How exactly? Let’s take a look:

Reduced Costs 

An in-house development team means that they are your permanent employees with fixed salaries and perks. A dedicated resource, on the other hand, will work pretty much as a freelancer, in that, you have to only pay for the services availed. When you hire dedicated resources, youalso don’t have to pay for buying additional hardware or software or provide any training for development purposes, as they will already be available with the development agency for your dedicated resources to use.

Fast Turnaround Time

When you opt for dedicated mobile/web developers as your external resource, it will allow them to divide the project into smaller tasks and have multiple teams working on the same app or website. Deployment times are further sped up as work can be done simultaneously on both the app and website, with specialized experts working on the back end and front end at the same time.You are kept well-informed by the project manager with regular updates and you can also expect deliveryon time.

Time and money are always a top priority in any business;hence, the dedicated resource model is often preferred. It gives the business the control and consistency that they would get from having an in-house team but with lower costs and faster results.

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