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Chinese AI 100m series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Recently Flexiv has become the receiver of the 100 million dollars from companies like meituan and techcrunch. Flexiv is one of the top most robot making companies in China. It has expertise in manufacturing autonomous and industrial robots. Flexiv manufactures the robots which are used in the manufacturing sectors. The most popular product it manufactures is mobile platforms and robotic arms.

Another product which Flexiv has launched is robo cube which is for navigating indoors. Yet another important product which this company has come up with is roboarm. This is useful in cutting, welding etc without any human assistance.

Another product is a truck which is meant to navigate all types of terrains. This product is currently only available in China and not outside.

The AI 100m series is a new piece of technology. Chinese company Meituan technology is behind this amazing robotic AI technology. The interesting part of this technology is that it does not need any human assistance. It can perform tasks like kicking, punching etc. It needs smartphones or tablets to be controlled. Otherwise it doesn’t need any instructions to be given and it uses its artificial intelligence to complete the tasks.

Ai 100m Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Meituan, one of the biggest tech giants of china  and techcrunch has come together to provide funding of 100 million dollars to the adaptive robot maker, the Flexiv. Flexiv has recently announced that it has come up with new software helpful in robotics. Flexiv is good at it.China is currently facing glitches in its industrial sector. And at this time where the issues are in traditional companies this multi million funding will help in making robotics which will make its space in the manufacturing and industrial sector.

The new series funding called AI 100m series will boost the innovations in artificial intelligence.Through this there will be creation of data analysis systems .This system will pave the way for knowing the customer behaviour and demands.

Flexiv is planning to rope in many other tech giant companies of china and it will definitely help in expanding its footprints.

Shiquan Wang , the founder of Flexiv has announced that the funding he received will go into marketing, mass production, research and development etc. The main focus of the company remains the automation transformation in manufacturing sectors. Most of the manufacturing units need upgradation which creates a lot of scope for robot manufacturing business.

Chinese company Flexiv is also known for its famous adaptive robot Rizon. Rizon got awards for excellence in design. This has boosted its chinese AI series meituanliaotechcrunch.

New projects by chinese AI 100m series meituan liao techcrunch.

A new artificial intelligence system is being launched by chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch. This artificial intelligence is known as noema. Noema is the brain of a robot which is a cloud edge end based brain. This will make all the robots perform the tasks with high and accurate perceptions. Noema will also serve as the foundation of all general purpose intelligent agents. Noema uses its state of art algorithms to solve complex problems.

Features of chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch

  • Chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch has stepped into the field of robots which are more adaptive than the traditional ones. Due to this other companies who are in similar field have got platform and hope to get funded by tech giants for their respective ventures in the field of adaptive robots
  • Traditionally robots have no chance against amazon and google but due to such enormous funding the company will get the chance to get a bigger customer base also it will provide the opportunity to add on new features to existing robots .
  • Flexiv has also ventured into a new field that is, it is giving its technology to meituan’s food delivery business.
  • The robots manufactured by Flexiv are more adaptive and resilient in a complex environment which needs more artificial intelligence.
  • The robots by Flexiv can be used in many fields like medical, energy, agriculture, high speed trains, home appliances etc.


Flexiv is a newbie in the market of adaptive robots but it has made immense progress in the field. It marks its presence in 5 continents. And after 100 m funding from meituanliaotechcrunch it has established itself as a leading player.

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