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your new pug

Pug is an all-ages-friendly family dog. These royalty dogs originating from China are always in great demand, making them fairly expensive. In the article further, we will discuss the average yearly cost of raising and maintaining pugs. We will find out the estimated outlay from food to toys, medical to the entertainment of these little buddies.

Getting them home: One-time investment

Pugs are popular breed dogs, hence are always priced at the higher end. The most inexpensive way is to adopt them from shelters. But that can be a bit difficult as they get are in high demand and get adopted quickly. Another way is to buy from a breeder at a hefty price.


This is one of the most affordable ways of getting your little friend. Many shelters offer them for free. Some may charge you between $50 – 500$ as varied charges. It is always advised to do some background research about the breeder and shelter before bringing your pup home, as this will help to assess the well-being of the dog.


In this option be ready to spend around $500 to $2000. This entirely depends on the breeder and the quality of the breed. The mix quality breed will be priced low as compared to the purebred ones. You should always ask the breeder about the health screening test done and do proper research before buying your little pug.

Primary needs and setup

The first-year cost for the initial setup may vary from $150 to $800. This depends on the quality of lifestyle you want for your pet. Vet visits can contribute to the chunk of this. ID tag/collar, Spay/ Neuter, water and food bowls, bed, nail clippers, teeth cleaning items, microchip, toys, crate, and leash are some basic items your pug will need. The cost here depends on the type and quality of the materials you buy and the locality you live in.

Monthly medical expenses and vet visits for Pugs

Maintaining pugs is fairly expensive. It can range from $50 to $150 per month. They may require medical attention now and then due to their body specifics and genetics. Eye allergies and breathing issues are very common problems in pugs. First-year medical cost, however, is slightly more than subsequent years; as it has vaccinations and health check-ups.

Every healthy dog must have at least one visit to a vet for regular check-ups, once a year. The visit may cost $150 to $300. Additionally, Pug will need heartworm medications, and flea and ticks medications which will cost you $20 a month.

Extra emergency vet visits can cost you more. Pugs have eye allergies in common and to control them vet will advise medication costing $50 to $100 in extreme cases.

Pet Insurance can help you to trim down some

 costs here and can help you save some bucks.

 Food cost for Pugs

This category can cost you $5 to $15 per month. Pugs are small dogs; their eating requirements are low than larger dogs. It is suggested to consult your vet for a balanced and nutritious diet for your pug as they tend to get obese with time. Not every pet food is meant for all breeds. Each has its special requirements. Hence, do speak with your vet before starting any pet foods.

Grooming Cost for Pugs

Pugs require seldom grooming which can cost you anywhere around $60 to $90 every two months. As they do not have furry coats, they can be easily maintained at home. Their major grooming involves nail clipping and facial skin fold cleaning.

Nail clipping can be done at home, with the nail grooming kit costing you around $75. Other grooming costs may vary from locality to locality and also on the timely needs of the pug.

Entertainment cost for Pugs

Pugs are generally relaxed dogs and require a moderate amount of exercise. But investing in some puzzles and chewing toys for their brain exercise can be worth it. This may cost you a minimum of $15.

In conclusion, a pug will cost you around $50 to $100 a month on average. But it will be good to have petty cash aside for some unexpected emergencies. After all, the happiness these little paws bring in our life is priceless and all the expense you do is wonderful worth.

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