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Afghan Hound

The animal kingdom is very diverse and crowded in some areas. Can you imagine having a dog shelter that is full of lost or abandoned animals that are just left on the streets? It is one of the most heartbreaking situations to be in especially if you are a dog owner and pet lover. Every canine or feline must feel the love that they deserve coming from humans and never treat them badly.

Animals are also considered as living things just like humans. They have body parts that humans also have like eyes, ears, mouth, nose, brain, heart, bones, and many more. They have life within them and they need to survive in this cruel world. You may click here to know more about the different body parts of a canine and how it can affect their entire body when something went wrong.

If you are aware of the physical composition of your pet, you can determine which body part needs more attention and healing if ever they are not feeling well or moving normally. Some pets are prone to fractures and joint pains because they tend to be very playful.

Small canines and puppies are very active because they are still in their early years. They tend to bite anything within their reach because their teeth still growing, and they think that everything around them is considered toys.

If you want to have small dogs, you can check pet shops and clinics that offer puppies at a reasonable price and other shelters that are open for adoption. Some people are not aware of the vaccines and supplements that they must take to fight viruses and boost their immunity. These are some of the important matters that people must understand before adopting a pet.

Getting to Know an Afghan Hound

Being responsible pet owners must prioritize and understand the necessities of a dog and other animals if they want to place them and look after them in their household. You cannot just leave them alone in the house without anyone else to look after them because they still need someone to provide them with the food that they need and be potty trained to prevent the house from being dirty and smelly.

Some pet owners are enrolling their canines in a dog school to help them adjust and learn basic potty training and tricks. It will be considered a disaster when puppies are not trained to have properly behaved because they can pee wherever they want inside the house which is very unhygienic and can cause a foul smell inside your home. Other pet owners are putting diapers on their canines to prevent them from peeing inside the house.

On the other hand, there are those owners who prefer having large-sized dogs because of their difference in attitude and appearance. You can visit and read this link: to know more about the top large dog breeds in the world. It includes Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Mastiff, Scottish Deerhound, and many more.

When you have a large dog, they can be your guard and prevent robbers and other strangers from going inside your house. They can be very territorial and can defend your home if they need to.

However, cute-sized dogs such as a poodle or chihuahua, cannot impose strength and guard your place because of their size and they cannot do it. They just tend to sleep and be very cuddly with their owners throughout the day.

Also, there is a dog breed that is very charismatic due to their appearance and very dramatic hair or fur. These are the Afghan Hound breed. They are bigger than a regular pug, Shih Tzu, beagle, and other little dogs. They can be easily distinguished from others due to their silky fur and curly little tail.

Normally their color varies from black, red, off-white, or cream. This will allow people to adopt or buy a dog based on their preferences and wants because it must also be a factor in choosing the right one.

They are also very fine and quiet compared to other pet dogs in the household. They don’t bark too much even if there are others in their area which is quite nice because it shows their level of fitness and maturity with other people.

The breed is one of the common dogs in Afghanistan that’s why they are named after such a place. Not all people are aware of this country because of the difficult wars and problems that it encountered throughout the years. The Afghan Hound personality is very different compared to Great Dane and Saint Bernard breeds. You must be willing to extend your patience and understand them better because there are difficult days too even for animals.

If you want to have an Afghan hound in your house, you should start training them as early as you can. Considering their behavior and attitude towards other people, they must be trained on how to look after your family and act as another member of your household. They are also fond of kids and can stay by their side whenever you need them to be.

It is important to understand that raising an Afghan Hound is like raising your child or another member of your family which requires effort, patience, and enough budget to provide for their needs in the long run.

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