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Nowadays the craze of fantasy games is increasing day by day. Not only in India but people all over the world enjoy fantasy games. There are different virtual games that can be played online, for example, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and badminton. In a country like India football is also a very popular game just after cricket. So today we will dive deeper into the benefits of fantasy football.

So, what is fantasy football?

If you want to relish and enjoy the real game of football without going to the field and going for physical turmoil then fantasy football is for you. This is a virtual game where you can make a team of real-time football players and score points according to their actual statistics of the game. Moreover, the best team can ben fetched according to player stats.

As we all know that people in India are quite fond of football and this game has reached a huge stage among everyone from young to old. There are vast choices of football leagues available in which people are taking a keen interest. There are different online platforms that gives you the opportunity to choose your own football leagues.

Fantasy football is also a legal game in India, unlike gambling. It is a secure game. You can play fantasy football through various paid and free applications that are free to download at the play store. Fantasy football is entirely based upon the skill of the player and is 100% legal game to play.

There are numerous benefits of playing fantasy football like growing your football knowledge, winning cash and different prizes, it also gives you a sense of authority and responsibility as you have the power to control your team. Furthermore, you can refer and earn. You can refer for unlimited time and you get an opportunity to earn for a lifetime whenever your referrals play at the online platform. The option of instant withdrawal is also available at these platforms, all you have to do is get your Paytm linked. After that, you can instantly withdraw cash with easy withdrawal schemes available with various applications. With weekly task, you get daily winnings and your earning can be Rs 100 in a week. Also, you can win extra prizes and cashback. Finally, some apps provide free pots for active members in their portals. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.

How to play fantasy football?

It is very easy to play fantasy football by following the simple steps below:

  1. First of all, register and log in to your favorite fantasy football game.
  2. After that select a match and click on the button join now.
  3. Then create your squad of 11 players by using a virtual budget of 1000 gems from all the players in that match.
  4. The fantasy squad of 11 players includes 1 Goalkeeper, 3 to 5 Defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 forwards or attackers.
  5. The next step is to select the captain and the star player. This is a vital process for winning as the captain gets 1.5 x points and the star player gets 2 x points.
  6. Now the live match starts and your fantasy squad starts earning points based on the performance of the actual players that were selected by you. After the end of each match, final points, winners, and rankings are declared.

What are the advantages of playing fantasy football?

There are different advantages to playing fantasy football like:

  • Takes you to a virtual world

One of the important benefits of playing fantasy football is that it takes you to a virtual fantasy world. With the click of a mouse on your computer or the touch of a button on your smartphones, you can enjoy the real thrill and experience of playing fantasy games like football. These sports apps have taken fantasy football to an altogether different level and experience.

  • Advanced and user-friendly sports app

Nowadays different apps are being developed that are user-friendly and advanced. It gives the users a comfortable and hassle-free experience playing on the go. You can easily select and play fantasy football anytime and anywhere. For example, you can play at the park, café or while traveling. Besides you can choose your own free time to play fantasy football be it day or night.

  • Easy to download applications

These sports applications are very easy to download. You can download it free from the play store or from the official website. When you are downloading the app from the official website all you have to do is just enter your mobile number and get the app download link on your mobile. After you click the link the file starts downloading on your mobile. Once the app gets installed you can start playing fantasy football instantly. When the file is downloaded from the official website you can be assured that it is completely safe and secure as it is scanned by antivirus. Besides, it takes only a few minutes to register your and after that, you can log in using the same credentials.

  • Earn some extra cash

With these fantasy games like football, you can enjoy as well as earn some extra money in your free time. There are various contents where you can earn extra prizes and cashback. Moreover, you can get paid weekly by just linking your Paytm account.

  • Watch free live sports

So, if you are a fan of football not only you can watch live football matches but also get live scores and real-time updates. Therefore, these apps are the best for sports lovers as they also get exclusive offers and promotions along with entertainment.


Therefore, if you are a fan of fantasy football league look no further and download the best sports application today so that you never miss an opportunity to play your favorite game football. Finally, you can get access to numerous other benefits like winning extra cash and prizes and getting real-time updates about the scores and matches.

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