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We all want to see the products we purchase serving us longer than a standard product. This is why we opt for high-quality products whenever we are purchasing an item. The only way to ensure the maximum durability of any product is by caring for it. For this reason, electric bike batteries aren’t an exception. They too require proper care and maintenance to keep your electric bike functional. This is applicable whether you own a small electric bike or a big one.

Most electric bike batteries are lithium-based and store enough energy to cover standard distances conveniently. With proper care and maintenance, these batteries can serve you for years without the need for replacement. After all, replacements are expensive and uneconomical compared to regular care for the battery. Below are some tips to help you care for your electric bike battery:

Maintain a Charge in the Battery.

This is the main care tip to make any battery durable and efficient. Ensure to keep your battery in full charge whenever possible. You should always recharge your battery whenever you take a journey. This means even after riding for short distances such as one or two miles. The battery should be charged to replace the consumed energy.

Leaving the battery to discharge regularly diminishes its ability to hold a charge. Doing so will see your battery failing to hold the charge even when you charge for many several hours. It’s advisable to charge the battery to full charge whenever it’s fully flattened.

Keeping the Battery Clean and Dry.

Though electric bike batteries can sustain light rains, users are advised to keep them as clean and dry as possible. The terminals should remain dry to avoid oxidation and/or corrosion. This would weaken the battery’s power and hence its efficiency.

Always find time to check the battery contacts at least once a month. If you notice signs of corrosion, use an emery cloth to clean them immediately.

Maintain its Cool Temperature.

Battery cells will ineffectively hold their electric charge in hot environments. Though they will hold power to full charge, the high temperature makes the battery lose energy at a faster rate. This way, you will be required to charge your battery regularly.

For a rider to enjoy an extended battery life, the bike should be stored in low-temperature conditions. With low temperature, the battery loses minimal charge and hence requires normal charging.

Proper Store of the e-bike.

Sometimes, you may need to keep your bike for several months without riding it. If you have to leave it inactive for long, you should store it correctly. The battery should be left with an 80% minimum charge. High charge slows the rate of power discharge. In addition, you should store your electric bike in a cool room without direct sunlight. During the storage period, you should charge the battery once in two months. This prevents damage to the battery’s charge cells.

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Purchasing an electric bike is an essential investment despite the reason why you purchase one. The functionality of any electric bike is dependent on the effectiveness of its battery. That’s why you should offer it optimum care to keep it effective.

With the above ideas, we believe that you’ll give your electric bike battery proper care to increase its durability and effectiveness. Following the simple tips will help you avoid the frustrations that come with battery failure. Again, whenever the bike and its battery serve you without fail, they will give you value for your money.

Before you buy an electric bike, you should ask for referrals from friends and fellow bikers. They can help you to identify the bike models that come with high-quality batteries. With proper care, such batteries can go for years without messing with your trips.

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