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Clubhouseoremus Onezero

With the advent of technological advances people have been more so interacting through social media and online platforms. But after the covid 19 pandemic outbreak the world has come closer and yet has become distant in a way that people find it more efficient and comfortable in sitting at their homes and meeting and interacting with the people from behind the screens of their laptop. Rather than meeting their family and folks in person they have been more comfortable being addicted to their screens and technology in the various forms.

One app which has remained the talk of the town for quite some time is clubhouseoremus onezero. Yes, you already must be aware of this app. App clubhouseoremus onezero is quite popular among gen z a lot. It is a unique idea where people get the invitation from all around the world and it can be joined only through invitation. This app works through audio chat through which people around the world can connect with each other. But this is not just the only app which provides this but there are many others like the same.

Onezero: App similar to Clubhouse

The other app is one zero. Onezero is a newly launched publication site. This was curated  in the year 2019. It came into its current form by medium, which is yet another publication platform. Onezero is well known for its area of specification where it breaks into exploring intersectional culture and technology. The main aim of creating this platform was to bring people from different cultures and perspectives on one platform. The aim is to make intelligent and well read people into discussion ranging from technology and the way it impacts our society in many different ways.

When we talk about the app clubhouse we know that it is basically directed towards the audio chat. Onezero, on other hand, is the platform which is firstly written and supports the written documentation and exchange of the ideas. We can see numerous topics getting discussed on this platform such as technology, artificial intelligence. One of the most interesting parts of onezero which differs it from clubhouse is its all the information available on the clubhouse is carefully curated by the experts who have expertise in different fields. The experts at the onehouse have been doing research in their respective fields of technology, society, artificial intelligence. This is done to assist and make the authentic information reach the readers. Onehouse definitely is thinking in the favour of the readers and their intellect and hunger for the information.

Fears surrounding the Clubhouse

Fears surrounding the clubhouse these days have been numerous. One of the major flaws is that the clubhouse has its aggressive and radical approach to disseminate the information. There were complaints of even harassment of the users. At onezero, these fears and complaints of harassment are being taken care of by the management. There are strong guidelines for the community. This prevents the users from going through any kind of verbal or mental abuse. This kind of strong research which goes into presenting the information also helps the platform to put forward the best of information which is not maligned by any obscene, wrongful intentions. The onezero is always here to guarantee the authenticity of the information they provide to the readers.

Difference in the usage

The usage of both the platforms is another such area which makes them differ from each other. Clubhouse is currently available to the IOS. This restrictive availability makes the clubhouse very limited to the users. And the invite only feature further limits the use of the app. Parallelly we have seen that onezero is open to all kinds of readers and their interests. Anyone who has perspective while maintaining the decency of the platform can use this app without any restrictions.


There can be different ways a person can socialise in today’s era. There is clearly no dearth of the platforms to interact with the people sitting far away. But how platforms like clubhouse have revolutionised social interaction is indeed commendable.

The clubhouse otherwise is marred with different issues. One of the biggest issues it is facing is the indecency, breach of privacy and the abuse of the users. Many such users have complained numerous times that they have been victims of false information, wrongful deeds. At onezero the users are getting the utmost healthy environment where they can conduct a healthy discussion about technologies, and the way it impacts society .

The users, according to a review, are getting a lot of accurate news along with a safe environment to have conversations. The quality of the news scores high at onezero. In addition to that the easy accessibility of these platforms to all the people makes onezero a clear winner here.

After the covid 19 pandemic we know how the world and the way it functions has changed, and its impacts can be clearly seen on our lives in all spheres. So it is necessary to have such platforms which facilitate such a healthy conversation between the people all throughout the world. and in this the One zero has a tremendous job.

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