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Wearable 444.7m Apple Xiaomi

These days wearable technology has been garnering a lot of attention and inclination from people of all ages. The era we are living in is immersed in technology right from waking up to sleeping at night. Everything in between has been a by-product of the technological innovations which keep happening every day. Life has become much easier. There is not one single second to be wasted. The competition across the field has been going strong and the race to stay ahead has given a need for the birth of these innovations. Wearable 444.7m Apple Xiaomi is one step ahead in  the world of wearable technology.

No doubt we are living once imagined in the sci fi movies era. Who knew that the phones and messages can be taken through watches tied on the wrists. Watches are just not for the time these days. It has far outdone its basic purpose of telling the time . Hence we know we are living in the world where we need miniature technology which can be used any time, where. Wearable technology is one such boon given to us by technological innovations. Wearable technology has remained the sweetheart of all generations. This multipurpose technology is loved by gym goers, diet conscious people, people needing hearing devices, the fitness freaks, the health personnels and many more. This has made wearable technology love for everyone.

Apple and Xiaomi: The Two Giants

The two tech giants which play a great role in developing wearable technology are Apple and xiaomi. Both the companies hold a massive market all around the globe. This makes them inevitable.

When it comes to Apple, we are well aware of its efficient designs and highly sound cutting edge technology. This has made people trust them on a larger level. Apple caters to a huge market with their trustworthy, efficient and high end technology. They have come up with wearable 444.7m technology which is again the epitome of their devotion towards bringing the best technologies to their loyal users.

Apple has certainly been the one of the game changers in wearable technology as it has shown a great commitment towards bringing the sleek technology. Apple can always boast about the sleek and aesthetically pleasing technology. Be it airpods, smart watches, Apple has come up with technology which has potential to enhance our lives .

Contribution by Xiaomi

Xiamoi has travelled to great heights in recent years. With its dedicated research and development, it has almost been at par with the apple. Its contribution is so good that people have started calling xiaomi the apple of china. It has come up with its own range of wearable items. Its devices are loaded with state of art technology. And with that it has become the go to brand for the people as it has been giving the features at affordable prices. This certainly makes the technology accessible to larger masses.

Features of wearable 444.7m Apple Xiaomi

The features are mind blowing. For those who are not well versed we must tell them that new 444.7m has 1.78 AMOLED display with resolution  of 368*448 pixels. With such high pixels  it has become the highest resolution smartwatch giving apple watches a tough competition. One of the features which makes this watch wearable for a longer period of time is that it is just 32 g . This makes the watch so lightweight that it can be worn easily without any hassles.

Battery of xiaomi wearable is something the company is vouching for and boasts about it. The battery of xiaomi is 570mAH. This allows the user to use the smart watch for 16 days on stretch in one single recharge.

Whereas the apple battery lasts merely for 18 hours which is almost nil in front of xiaomi. The xiaomi wearable is packed with multiple features like it has at least 118 modes of exercises. There is a wide range of exercises which will be helpful to the users. The gadget is using many Glonass and Gps both. This makes it assembly and functional throughout many countries.

All the latest features are also added into the same. The features like voice recognition, voice command, voice notification and ability to take the calls and make the calls and messages are few of the new technologies inculcated in the new 444.7m wearable .

Benefits of wearable 444.7m

For all those fitness enthusiasts who are keen to put a check on their health and daily activities this technology is must have. This helps in keeping a good track on the stress level, heart rate, fatigue levels, blood pressures. Apart from that if we talk about the entertainment on go then say no more this smart wearable has it too. You can connect it through many streaming devices like spotify and apple music.

Apart from that this has made even the payments easier with one touch.

Apple and xiaomi have been great players in this field and this has made them a trustable name in the field of state of art technology with wearable 444.7. Amalgamating the fitness tracker to all such needs of the hor technology these wearable devices are gaining a lot of dependence from  people all around the world.

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