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Connected Packaging

Are you looking for a unique selling proposition for your brand marketing plan? Consider connected packaging as a possible alternative! Learn about connected packaging, including what it is, why it’s important, and how to do it.

Brand executives can’t rely on old-fashioned brand marketing anymore because consumer behaviour changes and evolves constantly. They must find a way to provide consumers with memorable and beneficial experiences to preserve consumer loyalty.

This is where connected packaging enters the spotlight. It has a lot of potentials to revolutionize customer interaction with your business while also assisting you in better understanding their new habits and interests.

What exactly is connected packaging?

Connected packaging refers to packaged items that have been activated by technologies such as QR Codes, NFC, and RFID. It aids companies in communicating information to customers and increasing engagement. Connected packaging acts as the link between businesses and customers by allowing for increased consumer interaction beyond the package.

Packaging that is not connected vs Smart packaging vs Active packaging as well as other terms

Connected, smart, active, and intelligent packaging may seem similar, but they are not. Each of these terms has its meaning and use. Connected packaging refers to using technology like QR Codes and NFC to deliver unique content via a scan or touch on a mobile device.

Sensors are used to monitor the condition of packed foods. This packaging is generally utilized during transportation and storage to keep track of the products’ temperature and freshness. Connected, active, and intelligent packaging is sometimes referred to as smart packaging.

Connected packaging use cases 

#1. Tell your brand’s story with the help of connected packaging

With so many businesses competing in today’s market, it’s critical to find a way to break away from the competition. Brand narrative is one of the most important differentiators that can make a difference.

Embed QR Codes and NFC on product boxes to connect to an engaging video or website that tells your tale effectively while also catching their attention.

By aligning your brand’s narrative to consumers’ emotions, you’re influencing them to tap into their profitable behaviour. This drives more sales, repeated purchases, and brand loyalty.

#2. Leverage connected packaging to link to augmented reality experiences

Augmented reality is an excellent method to enhance consumer interaction through a digital environment. Consumers may engage with digital components while still being present in the real world. According to Mindshare’s findings, AR experiences are 200% more engaging than non-AR ones since they offer double the engagement levels.

Improved brand experiences, as a result of greater engagement, lead to increased sales and ROI. According to Wikitude’s research, 32% of consumers want to use augmented reality while shopping, with 73% of mobile AR users reporting high levels of happiness.

#3. Employ connected packaging to promote loyalty programs

QR Codes and NFC are used in connected packaging to revolutionize loyalty programs that we’ve all become accustomed to.

A consumer can join a loyalty program with a single scan or tap. QR Codes are used by well-known companies like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s to activate loyalty programs for their customers. Consumers will also be more inclined to join due to the ease of use and activation of these digital loyalty programs.

Consumers will make more repeated purchases to climb the loyalty ladder and obtain greater benefits, whether it’s a tier-based or point-based loyalty program.

If you’re wanting to implement connected packaging in your brands marketing, why not get in contact with Appetite Creative today.

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