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Minitab And SPSS

In the eyes of statistics students, Minitab vs. SPSS is still a serious issue. So we are going to give you a short Minitab vs SPSS contrast today. Both are considered best for statistics but when someone asks you to choose the best one from them at that time it is not easy for one to choose. There are general software tools, initially intended as a platform for teaching statistics, designed for simple interactive use. The Minitab is quite well for instructional purposes, but it is also sufficiently efficient to use it as a primary research data analysis method. SPSS is called the Statistical tool for Social Science and is the biggest sector occupier. In terms of collaborative batches and non-interactive lots, it is essentially used for batch processing.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major differences that will help you in choosing the best one for statistics.

What is SPSS?

SPSS stands for The Social Sciences Mathematical software. SPSS is a software that is used in social science for research. It is one of the best technical systems for mathematical data processing and computation. In other areas, such as statistical physics, health sciences, and even marketing, it is still used. It helps to provide ad-hoc research, analysis pick and conduct, checking of theories, data management, and monitoring. It also involves many data analyzing mechanisms.

SPSS Main Features

Now that we have a basic idea of what exactly is SPSS let’s take a look at some of the main features of SPSS. Following a standard project workflow, SPSS is excellent for

  • Opening data records, either in the SPSS or several other file formats;
  • Editing data over columns or rows of data, such as calculating sums and means. For more complicated operations as well, SPSS has excellent choices.
  • Creation of tables and maps with event counts or summary statistics over cases and variables.
  • Running inferential statistics such as ANOVA, factor analysis, and regression.
  • Data and performance savings in a large spectrum of file formats.

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Pros and Cons of SPSS


  • The software is a very intuitive interface, easy to use, and provides quick learning of its tools. It will help you deal during your university years.
  • The tool is very easy to use and needs minimum SQL experience. The tool manages all amounts of data and does it immediately.


  • It has some graphic tools; it is short in terms of the performance of the data results. It is costly software, but it is worth each dollar of its price.
  • It has some graphic tools; you have to apply other software to make high graphical content presentations. It is costly software, but it is worth every dollar of its price

What is Minitab?

Minitab is a software designed to help you analyze the results. This is actually meant for the experts at Six Sigma. It offers an easy, powerful way to access statistical data, manipulate the data, detect patterns and trends, and then extrapolate responses to current problems. This is the most commonly used app of all types – small, medium, and big – for the industry. In most of the Six Sigma ventures, Minitab offers a quick, efficient solution to the degree of analysis needed.

Key features of Minitab

  • Basic Statistics feature includes all kinds of statistical tests, correlations, descriptive statistics, and covariances.
  • Graphics allows users to draw different statistical graphs such as histograms, scatter plots, box plots, marginal plots, matrix plots, bubble charts, etc.
  • The regression feature allows users to discover the relationship between variables (a crucial feature of a statistical tool). Regression is accessible in the form of linear, ordinal, non-linear, nominal, etc.
  • Statistical Process Control feature supports you in creating variable control charts, cause and effect diagrams, time-weighted charts, multivariate control charts, etc.

Pros and Cons of Minitab


  • It’s pretty easy to use, and customer service is decent as well.
  • Help for basic topics and resources is easy to use and complete.


  • Minitab’s point and click functionality makes it easy to follow and support, but going over several windows and tabs for experienced users becomes repetitive and monotonous.
  • Any of the performance consistency, like diagrams, is still not completely up to what you get from other apps, but when the latest models are coming, it feels like it is being strengthened.


From a statistical standpoint, maybe the main difference between SPSS and Minitab is the way the two treat binary results. Although the outcomes given are normally the same, those who pay constant close attention will note that to some degree the three relation functions vary. We hope the above information is enough for you to know the difference between Minitab and SPSS. In case if you need additional detail on both Minitab and SPSS you can ask for online assignment help.

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