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Filling Low Calories Recipe Ideas For Your Fall Seasonal Snacking

Selecting snacks when controlling calories can be a challenging task. The tasty things have lots of calories and the ones that ensure restricted calories, are not very pleasing to the tongue. Following a low-calorie diet should not be a hard thing for anyone. Guess what, a few super tasty and filling snacks make sure you don’t have a tough time. Have you heard about keto sea salt caramel bars? If not, you definitely need to give this snack a try. Similarly, the following are some other low calories recipes for your fall season snacking.

Gourmet popcorns

Popcorns don’t need improvisation to be loved. It is one of the most consumed snacks in the world. The best thing about popcorn is that it has lots of fiber and is low in calories. The healthiest popcorn is the one you make at home, where you can control the salt and butter. You can make them in really low calories to stick to the healthy side. But if you’re purchasing a pack of pre-popped popcorn from a store, make sure that you look out for added sugars and hydrogenated oils that are commonly found in packed popcorns. Trust brands that omit these ingredients or just pop them at home, it’s super easy.

Keto sea salt caramel bar

Keto snack bar is a popular snack that people choose when controlling their calorie intake. It is something you can always depend on because it is a filling snack that is rich in nutrients. Keto bars are often enriched with nuts and seeds that provide nutrition to the body, and strictly omit the use of high calories ingredients. So. you can slip in a keto nut bar in your bag to tackle hunger pangs.

Baked tortilla chips

Next on the list comes tortilla chips. Tortilla chips are an excuse to gulp in your freshly prepared salsa dip. The combo is just made in heaven. It is delicious, light, perfect for evening snack time. Though you get a variety of tortilla chips in the market, the ones that you bake at home are very tasty because you can control the number of ingredients as per your taste. It is really easy to bake tortilla chips at home, just check out a simple recipe online.

Almond butter chocolate chip bites

Running low on energy? Time to chew some almond butter chocolate chips energy bites. If you love cookie dough, you will definitely love this snacking recipe idea because it tastes similar. The only difference that makes this recipe better is that it has no added sugar, in fact, it is loaded with healthy fats and proteins. The ingredients are clearly mentioned in the name of the recipe. You just need to mix in almond butter, chocolate chips, some dates, and collagen powder and blend it all in your mixer. What comes out is a blissful snack that you can eat anytime and anywhere.

These are some low calories snack ideas for your fall season snacking.

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