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Company in USA

Taxes are higher, accounting services are simplified, ie. You can file your annual tax return yourself, but the registration of a company hides a serious group of risks. One of them is that in order to have a company in the United States, you must also have an account there, which is logical. To open an account, you must be there physically. The other problem you may encounter is the ITIN number. If you somehow commit a crime and you are from India, but you do not have such a number, the probability that the United States will look for you here in India is very small, but already having an ITIN number you are already in their register.

If you are going to register a company in USA, my advice is to make it legal. It takes about a month for a company to fully register in the United States. The purest option to use such a company to save taxes in India is when you have a company registered here and a company registered in the United States. Thus, the Indian company issues invoices for service to the company in the USA.

Why open a company in the United States?

In the last few years we have witnessed a growing interest of businessmen from India until the opening of the company in the United States. After all, with a relatively small opening and maintaining business value, you get not only an American company with a bank account, but also many other benefits. You will be able to:

  • access to a large market with effective demand
  • to open branches and representative offices all over the world
  • access to affordable credit lines
  • optimization of the taxation of the company in the country of residence
  • in the future to get a green card and US citizenship

If you intend to do business in USA, you cannot do without the registration of a legal entity. It should be noted that to open an account in a US bank can be only one company registered in the US.

To register a company does not require personal presence and a carefully assembled package of documents. To start a business in the United States remotely, it is enough to select the state of registration and in the form of a business organization, as well as to provide several variants of the name of the future company. Everything else will make a registration agent.

In which country is it better to register a company?

Due to the fact that the legislation in all US states is different, company registration is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the selected state, not the country as a whole, and there are still no clear uniform rules. Therefore, before choosing the location of your future company, please read the tax legislation of the country of your choice. With the US tax preparers in India, it is also possible to pay taxes remotely from India. In addition to common federal taxes, local taxation in different countries is not the same.

Most often, the choice falls on the registration of Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming, where there is no state fee. If the company is engaged in high technology and aspires to be in Silicon Valley, it is preferable to register it in the state of California. At the same time, federal taxes must be paid by all companies located in one state.

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