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This is a special system for encoding product information based on variable dark and light bands: strokes and intervals. The bracodification of the goods is performed in order to automate the processes of recognition, decryption, processing, transmission, and reporting of the product.

Barcode providing company like QuickBarcode provides services for assigning the registration numbers of the manufacturer and the borocoding products of the enterprises in the international standard EAN, registration, and assignment of barcodes, as well as an acquaintance of the enterprises with regulatory and methodological documentation for automatic identification and barcoding.

Almost every day we come across barcodes that we use in trade, warehouse accounting, library, and mail case processing. In this publication, we learn about the use of barcodes and consider those methods.

European Article Numbering

European Article Numbering (EAN-8, EAN-13, and EAN-128) – The European barcode standard that encodes the product ID and manufacturer.

Indexes 8 and 13 indicate the number of numbers that make up the barcode. The EAN-8 has been designed to provide goods that are inconvenient to use EAN-13 based on small dimensions.

Reducing the size of the barcode is not a solution to the issue, as it leads to a reduction in the width of the stroke, which in turn negatively affects the ability of the scanner to read because it has an insufficient resolution.

Note! EAN-128 encodes all letters and numbers according to the 128 alphabet code. The EAN standard is currently universal for all countries other than the USA or Canada. UPC is most likely to use in the USA and Canada.

Barcode principles

The product barcode of the goods includes alphanumeric information for each specific type of goods, coded in the form of a certain alternation of strokes and spaces. This information is read through scanning devices that have different parameters and purposes. In addition to barcode strips, it is represented by digital close to the components of the elements of which are:

  • country code where the manufacturer of the goods is located;
  • product manufacturer code;
  • Product Code.

What do you need for a barcode?

The main functions of barcoding are:

  • Automation of product identification based on the information attached to the code;
  • Automated control of the availability of stocks of products in the warehouse and the speakers of its sale;
  • Increasing the speed of customer service;
  • Information base for marketing research.

How to get a barcode for products?

You can purchase a barcode for your products and use barcode printing online from organizations involved in developing and setting barcodes. Formula Test will help to order a barcode in a short time and receive it for each category of goods, with a special range of identification numbers that meet the EAN-13 standard. The assigned barcode is issued protected by holography.


  • Comfort! Easy application form for barcode assignment. Opportunity to choose the appropriate and most profitable barcode package.
  • Price! Quick barcodes offer the minimum price for their services!
  • Time! You receive barcodes of your products only a few hours after sending the application.

This is a specially selected sequence of light and dark stripes. It is designed to store information in the form, providing easy reading and decoding using special devices. Below the barcode, you usually print the decoding of the encrypted data.

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