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Do you wish to smile confidently? Do you have beautiful white teeth? If not, there are some cosmetic dental treatments to help you smile with great teeth anytime, anywhere. But before going through cosmetic methods, it is better to get more information about various reasons for facing discolored teeth. There are many reasons for discolored teeth, but the two most important causes are stains from food or aging and the reduction of tooth enamel thickness. If you are interested to learn more about these causes, and the possible treatments, continue reading. Besides, if you are striving to find a professional teeth whitening in Toronto, based on the researches done at Dentistrynearme, Walk In Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics for teeth whitening in Toronto.


Food Stains

Eating certain foods causes discolored teeth. Those who drink tea, coffee, and alcohol too much or smoke are more prone to face this kind of dental defect. In other words, caffeine or tobacco is considered one of the main reasons leading to tooth discoloration. That is why dentists highly suggest stopping smoking and reducing drinking and eating colored foods after undergoing a teeth whitening treatment.  


Passing Age and Tooth Enamel Weakness 

Another reason that can lead to tooth discoloration is passing age. When we are young, we have white and strong tooth enamel. But this brightness will be decreased with the passage of time. There are various reasons leading to this problem. For example, when the thickness of your tooth enamel decreases, the brightness decreases as well. As you may know, the color of your tooth enamel can change due to iron drops given to some people in childhood.


The Treatments of Discolored Teet

As mentioned earlier, there are various ways to have white teeth and remove stains on your teeth. One of the most common treatments is called teeth whitening treatment. This treatment is a fast, safe, and durable method done in the dental office. You can also have the same procedure at home. There is also another method known as a combination of two methods. In other words, it is a way first done at the dental office and then continued at home. It is clear that this method is more durable.

There are also some home remedies suggested to those who are not willing to go for in-office teeth whitening treatments. For example, you may be told to brush your teeth with lemon juice or baking soda. We do not deny that these remedies may help you have a set of whiter teeth. But there is a significant point to consider. Lemon juice or baking soda are strong elements to hurt your tooth enamel. However, you may not diagnose or notice tooth enamel damage at the start of brushing your teeth with lemon juice. But with the passage of time, this problem will cause further dental issues.

Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Make Sensitivities?

Generally speaking, most people complain of tooth sensitivity after the teeth whitening treatment. It is worth stating that this kind of side effect after this cosmetic dental method is normal and will disappear shortly. Still, if you face a continuous tooth sensitivity that does not go away after a while, you should not hesitate to contact and visit your dental specialist as soon as possible.


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