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Benefits of fantasy football


Nowadays the craze of fantasy games is increasing day by day. Not only in India but people all over the world enjoy fantasy games. There are different virtual games that can be played online, for example, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and badminton. In a country like India football is also a very popular game just after cricket. So today we will dive deeper into the benefits of fantasy football.

So, what is fantasy football?

If you want to relish and enjoy the real game of football without going to the field and going for physical turmoil then fantasy football is for you. This is a virtual game where you can make a team of real-time football players and score points according to their actual statistics of the game. Moreover, the best team can ben fetched according to player stats.

As we all know that people in India are quite fond of football and this game has reached a huge stage among everyone from young to old. There are vast choices of football leagues available in which people are taking a keen interest. There are different online platforms that gives you the opportunity to choose your own football leagues.

Fantasy football is also a legal game in India, unlike gambling. It is a secure game. You can play fantasy football through various paid and free applications that are free to download at the play store. Fantasy football is entirely based upon the skill of the player and is 100% legal game to play.

There are numerous benefits of playing fantasy football like growing your football knowledge, winning cash and different prizes, it also gives you a sense of authority and responsibility as you have the power to control your team. Furthermore, you can refer and earn. You can refer for unlimited time and you get an opportunity to earn for a lifetime whenever your referrals play at the online platform. The option of instant withdrawal is also available at these platforms, all you have to do is get your Paytm linked. After that, you can instantly withdraw cash with easy withdrawal schemes available with various applications. With weekly task, you get daily winnings and your earning can be Rs 100 in a week. Also, you can win extra prizes and cashback. Finally, some apps provide free pots for active members in their portals. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.

How to play fantasy football?

It is very easy to play fantasy football by following the simple steps below:

  1. First of all, register and log in to your favorite fantasy football game.
  2. After that select a match and click on the button join now.
  3. Then create your squad of 11 players by using a virtual budget of 1000 gems from all the players in that match.
  4. The fantasy squad of 11 players includes 1 Goalkeeper, 3 to 5 Defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 forwards or attackers.
  5. The next step is to select the captain and the star player. This is a vital process for winning as the captain gets 1.5 x points and the star player gets 2 x points.
  6. Now the live match starts and your fantasy squad starts earning points based on the performance of the actual players that were selected by you. After the end of each match, final points, winners, and rankings are declared.

What are the advantages of playing fantasy football?

There are different advantages to playing fantasy football like:

  • Takes you to a virtual world

One of the important benefits of playing fantasy football is that it takes you to a virtual fantasy world. With the click of a mouse on your computer or the touch of a button on your smartphones, you can enjoy the real thrill and experience of playing fantasy games like football. These sports apps have taken fantasy football to an altogether different level and experience.

  • Advanced and user-friendly sports app

Nowadays different apps are being developed that are user-friendly and advanced. It gives the users a comfortable and hassle-free experience playing on the go. You can easily select and play fantasy football anytime and anywhere. For example, you can play at the park, café or while traveling. Besides you can choose your own free time to play fantasy football be it day or night.

  • Easy to download applications

These sports applications are very easy to download. You can download it free from the play store or from the official website. When you are downloading the app from the official website all you have to do is just enter your mobile number and get the app download link on your mobile. After you click the link the file starts downloading on your mobile. Once the app gets installed you can start playing fantasy football instantly. When the file is downloaded from the official website you can be assured that it is completely safe and secure as it is scanned by antivirus. Besides, it takes only a few minutes to register your and after that, you can log in using the same credentials.

  • Earn some extra cash

With these fantasy games like football, you can enjoy as well as earn some extra money in your free time. There are various contents where you can earn extra prizes and cashback. Moreover, you can get paid weekly by just linking your Paytm account.

  • Watch free live sports

So, if you are a fan of football not only you can watch live football matches but also get live scores and real-time updates. Therefore, these apps are the best for sports lovers as they also get exclusive offers and promotions along with entertainment.


Therefore, if you are a fan of fantasy football league look no further and download the best sports application today so that you never miss an opportunity to play your favorite game football. Finally, you can get access to numerous other benefits like winning extra cash and prizes and getting real-time updates about the scores and matches.

Protect Mental-Health Of Your Loved Ones During Pandemic With OgyMogy


It has been a difficult job for everyone to manage the old normal lifestyle, with the whole home being stuck indoors. A novel virus is spreading from one state to another, from one country to another and we are powerless in front of this disease. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones is to stay home, practice hygiene, and keep a well maintain social distance from each other. While staying home we can do our best to maintain a routine, stay away from all the fake news and cures, and most of all breaking news. Because as we know the symptoms of anxiety and corona are almost alike i.e shortening of breath. So the best we can do is to protect our mental health along with physical health. Make sure you are keeping an eye on all the household members, especially teens and senior citizens.

So how can you protect and monitor your loved ones in this age of privacy and personal space? The best and easiest way to know what some on is going through is monitoring their digital footprints in case if they are not expressive. Teens for example mostly don’t like to share personal experiences and feelings more openly with elders. To ensure their safety and protect mental health it is necessary to know what they are going through in this quarantine period when they have no school to go or friends to meet with etc. The smartest way to keep an eye on the teens is to get a monitoring software also known as spy app. One of the best spy apps i.e The OgyMogy offers a lot of features which can help you to monitor your teen activities.OgyMogy is monitoring software that allows the user to have complete remote access of the target person device. Just select the desired package and install it in the device of the teen and all others who you need to monitor.OgyMogy supports windows and mac systems as well as offers an android spy app version to track through android phones.

Try To Maintain A Healthy Sleep Schedule:

With all the workplace and educational institutes closed, there is no strict schedule to follow. So in these circumstances, it has been a difficult job for parents to maintain normal healthy sleep schedules for children. You can keep an eye on them by limiting their digital activities.OgyMogy offers the feature of screen recording which allows the user to watch the screen of the target person at any given time. You can track their sleep time by monitoring the screen activities and make sure they get proper deep sleep.

Keep An Eye On Their Search History:

OgyMogy offers the keylogging feature which gives access to all the keystrokes applied on the target device to the user. This includes all kinds of passwords, emails and keywords applied. Thus if your teen is searching too much about the COVID -19 or symptoms or breaking news etc, you will know it immediately. Thus now you can arrange a one to one sitting and openly talk to him or her about everything.

Bann All The News Sites:

The Internet is a wild world. For the sake of views and clicks, people spread fake news that can cause anxiety and fear among the public. So with track internet browsing features of OgyMogy, you can check what kind of websites are frequently visited by your teen. It also records the bookmarked folder of the target person as well. Thus you can simply block any site spreading fake or more frightening news that can be inappropriate for your children.

Monitor Their Social Media Activities:

As people are stuck at home, there has been an increase in social media usage since the lockdown situation has started. So make sure you monitor your teen social media activities.OgyMogy has a list of social media soy apps like the Instagram app, Twitter app, Facebook app, Whatsapp spy app, and many more. It allows the user to know all about activity log, chat history, voice record, etc.

We are all in this together, So make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones.OgyMogy can help you to maintain a peaceful quarantine time with your family.

Restrict Unwanted Phone Calls with Call Blocker App


Smartphones are one of the considerable discoveries of this high-tech age. If we say that they have made our lives convenient, then it would not be wrong. They permit us to stay connected with the entire world at all times.

However, sometimes strangers and businesses start calling us at odd hours and disturb us. It is very frustrating to receive an undesirable call while you are attending an important meeting, watching your favorite TV show, or enjoying quality time with your dear ones.

If you are looking for an effective way that can support you to get rid of these unwanted calls, then you should use TheOneSpy call blocker app. It is particularly designed to help you block stranger numbers and enjoy mental peace.

Is Call Blocker Software Useful?

Have you ever received a storm of calls from unknown numbers who just want to distract you and have nothing important to talk about? Are you willing to put a full stop on all these calls or want to help your kids or friends? If yes, then the call blocker app is an ideal option for you. It empowers you to secretly and remotely block all the incoming calls. To use it, you will have to install it on the targeted device to get rid of the tension that you dealing with right now.

Key Features of The Call Blocker App

  • It blocks all the incoming messages and calls from a specific number on your smartphone.
  • If unknown people are trying to gain your attention, you can block them.
  • Business owners can rely on it to grab information about if their employees are devoting time on assigned duties or personal calls.
  • You can block advertising and spam messages and calls effortlessly.
  • It enables you to forward, reject, or answer the calls with a text message.
  • Parents can use it to know if their children are getting calls from stranger numbers.
  • You can remotely and discreetly restrict the calls on your team number.
  • You can erase calls and text messages history and contacts with the call blocker.
  • It allows you to create a backup of all the saved contacts and send them to your control panel.
  • You can send captured data from your kid’s device to your device without facing any difficulty.
  • It is capable of identifying the one-ring calls and restricting them permanently.

Why Should You Use The Call Blocking Software?

If you have given the liberty to your child to use the mobile phone at a young age, then you should monitor if he’s receiving calls from strangers and crooks.  When kids use smartphones, they can come in touch with both decent and evil people.

The criminals and scammers can win their trust and get them engaged in sexting, drug abuse, or other harmful activities. Furthermore, you should try to find out the reason if your teen is obtaining numerous calls in a day.

Also, ask them to attend calls from the known numbers only. If they will pick unknown calls, they could become a victim of marauders and blackmailers.

To shield your children from cruel guys, you can use the call blocker because it blocks all the unknown numbers immediately. It’s exceptional software that enables you to deal with modern parenting challenges efficiently.

Employees use organization-owned smartphones to connect with clients, investors, and customers. They can take advantage of this opportunity for making calls to their friends and families during the working hours in your absence. They can deliberately waste time on uncreative activities that can badly impact on the productivity of the company.

That’s why; all the entrepreneurs should use the call blocking app to prevent their workers from making personal calls. You can keep an eye on their incoming and outgoing calls without letting them know.

If you want, you can also restrict calls made by consumers during office time. It is an astonishing tool that assists you to dramatically enhance your team’s performance and grow your business.

If your teen is having an extramarital affair, you can block all the incoming calls from his number to prevent him from cheating on you.


If you want to eliminate stress from your life that arrives with unwanted calls, get TheOneSpy call blocker app as soon as possible.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Check out Free Cartoons Streaming Websites


When it comes to streaming cartoon shows online, you can either go to free to paid streaming services.

With paid services, you get to enjoy your favorite shows without any kind of ads, and you have peace of mind that you are using a safe and legal platform for streaming your favorite cartoons.

But free websites, well, they are free, and you don’t have to pay anything for using their streaming services.

Both these types of cartoon websites have their own pros and cons. In this article, we want to talk about the best benefits that you get by using a free streaming service for cartoons and why you should prefer them overpaid cartoon websites.

So, let’s get started

  1. Ease of Access

The biggest benefit that you get free cartoon streaming services is that of ease of access. This doesn’t mean that paid services are not easy to get access to, we are talking in the sense that there is a much greater number of free cartoons website than there is that of the paid ones. You can easily get access to the trending free cartoons website by doing a simple google search. This is how easy it is for you to stream your favorite cartoon shows with free streaming websites.

  1. No Hassle for Registration

Most of the free cartoon’s websites don’t ask you to register yourself on their platform before they give you access to their services. Some free websites do require you to do that but most of them don’t. You don’t have to go through complicated registration processes to get to the streaming part. You can simply just visit the website, search for the show that you want to watch, and you would be good to go.

  1. No Need to Set Up Payment Methods

With free cartoon websites, your sensitive information remains private as these websites don’t ask you to provide your credit card info or anything like that. Since these websites are free to use, you won’t have to set up a payment method. You don’t have to give in your personal details or set up any kind of payment plan at all. These websites offer you a straightforward way of streaming your favorite shows online for free. This is the biggest benefit that you get with the free cartoons website.

  1. Mobile Access Available

Most of the free cartoon streaming websites also have mobile versions as well. Some websites have mobile apps that you can install on your phone to get instant access to your favorite cartoon shows online. Websites like kissCartoon have easy to use mobile version makes them easy to use on mobile devices as well. Mobile access is not just for paid websites anymore, free websites also offer mobile access to make thins easier for their users.

  1. Huge Collection of Shows

You can find almost all the cartoon shows on free websites, that are available on paid cartoon streaming platforms. In fact, with what we have seen so far, free websites offer a much bigger collection of shows that you can stream for free. You can visit WPE PRO to learn about the best free cartoons that you can use to stream your favorite cartoons. Plus, free cartoon websites are also updated on a regular basis to provide users with the latest updates to their favorite shows.

  1. Content Can be Downloaded

With free cartoons website, you can even download the content. The option for downloading content is not directly available on most websites, but you can use 3rd party video download sites or internet download manager extensions to download the content. The opting for downloading content is not usually available with paid streaming websites. This is one of the reasons why we recommend using free websites for cartoons, instead of the paid ones.

And Finally, …

  1. They are Free

Although this is obvious, we have to talk about it because it is the biggest benefit that you get with free streaming websites for cartoons and anime. If you don’t feel like you have enough money to spend on paid cartoon platforms, you can use free websites to enjoy your favorite shows online. You won’t have to subscribe to a monthly plan or pay any kind of fees when watching your favorite shows on a free cartoon website like kisscartoon.

Wrapping Up

Paid cartoon websites have their own place in the online world. But as far as the ease of access is concerned, we believe that free cartoon websites take the lead. This is why we invite you to check out free streaming services for streaming cartoons and anime shows online. Let us know about your experience with free cartoon streaming services in the comments section.

Masks to Cooler Dabbas Commute Friendly Gift Ideas


Giving and receiving gifts is a very cool feeling and the sense of enjoying enhancing in this way. Online gifts are a great idea that you can avail at any time by just only one click. Here are some times when you are not living together with your loved ones but you want to wish them during that special occasion and you want a substitute for your presence either he is your friend or any beloved person.

The idea of masks to cooler commute friend is not a bad one in these days when everywhere is a panic of COVID 19. Masks in summertime feeling a big heal but nothing is better than a healthy life so masks are as necessary now a day as medicine is essential for a better life. These cooler masks provide a peaceful and safe feeling to every person. To stay safe and secure or bang this summer with the best cooling face masks is truly a terrific idea that offers a lightweight shield to avoid any sort of sweating.

Friendly gift ideas when you are far from your loved one, at that time online gifting is a blessing. The online gifts can be delivered to your dear ones at the doorstep and it’s the best substitute during the special event for your mother, father, friends, or any beloved personality.

Friendly Gifts That Looks Cool For Friend And Family Members

These gifts either for commute or going away present give the person, a sense of care and love that you have for each other in this materialistic world, where everyone has just busy to flourish himself. Don’t be afraid of spending a ton of money for purchasing gifts but be practical and do seem for a gift that’s useful, sappy, and constructive for that person.

Here Is A List Of Ideal Selection Of Gifts That Fulfill Your Purpose:

Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds purely noise-proof so you can use it when your friend is on long-distance journeys by train that somehow fretful or crowded. So give a sense of relaxation on the way it will be helpful. In a long way, Bluetooth earbuds give a sense of relaxation when you are crowded with clamor.

Lunch Box

The persons who are in daily commute and away from home lunch boxes are the preference of such persons and is suitable for them. It’s an ideal gift for the person who mostly busies traveling or far from home. An ideal size lunch box is a good gift to keep the meal or food hot and intact. This gift of-course keeps your friend healthy.

A Box of Chocolates

One it’s a time of birthday of your beloved one or fast friend than nothing is better than chocolates. This endowment is a symbol of love and a famous one of Valentine’s Day gifts. Chocolates give instant energy and strength if someone is on a hectic journey it diminishes the weakness or risk of fainting that could be possible of a mammoth load of work.  The paramount quality of sixteen pieces of Ferrero Rocher is an ideal gift when your loving person is traveling.

Dual Time Watch

Watch is considered a cool gift for centuries people of an intact world used to gift it to their family members or friends timely. A dual time watch is best when your friend used to move on a voyage, so it gives both the time means current time and the time back where he came from.

Wallet or Handbag

Gifting handbags or wallets are the latest ideas now a day. Whenever you are going out of the house the need for a wallet or handbag is necessary as many things can easily manage in your bag. In other words, you can say that it is the most essential element of travelers or commuters. Money, keys, cards, or other accessories can handle in your bag.

Travel Accessories

These travel goodies may be the best gift for that person who is just ready to leave the house. The travel gadgets maybe containing different things like, a comfortable travel pillow, a handy cocktail kit or wireless charger, and many more which suitable to your pocket.

Metallic Water Bottle

Whenever you are on a journey or in traveling use of a metallic water bottle is beneficial as water is life without the use of it, survival is impossible. If the gifted bottle is handy or air-tight then it provides cool water without any contagion. To fill up the need for water or helping to avoid dehydration metallic water bottle is a very stupendous gift both for girls and guys.

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

It’s an old tradition that having the same thing as both friends. So it’s quite a unique click have the matching long-distance friendship lamps in this way both friends feel that they are close to each other.

Weekender Bag

Bag of the trip, whenever your friend is on traveling this bag, will facilitate him. He will enjoy this gift by all means whenever he uses this gifted bag he will remember the care and love of yours.

Power Bank

This small device comfortably suits you whenever you plan or traveling you can remain on Whatsapp or messenger. So it is very suitable while you are stuck on the road during travel or traffic jam. It is a very embracing situation when you are out of home and your phone’s battery dead, so at that time power bank provides at once solution of your problem.

Portable Wi-Fi device, homesick candles, airline gift card, hardware store gift card are all the quite ideal gifts when your friend or any of your family member is on commute.

Flowers And Cakes

Flowers and cakes could be the best choice as a gift at birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other occasion to your loved one, which truly states your internal sentiments and emotions.

All these gifts and presents will be the best companion of your commute friend almost these presents delighted to your receiver when he\she is alone and use this gift for years to come, and in return must appreciate your efforts which you did to find this precious present.

Magazines for iPad: Magazine app development!


This article increases your knowledge of magazines for the iPad. Further, it talks about iPad magazine app development.

The Apple iPad always got the eyes of customers around the world, with each novel release. iPad is the greatest sold Tablet with more than 70 percent of the market share. It’s one of the most used tablets, containing a range of inventive features as well as accessories. There are loads of programmers making special iPad apps to serve the varied needs of iPad clients. Magazines for iPad are one of them.

Below are the 6 significant factors to assist you in succeeding in your effort of making iPad apps.

Client base

Prior to creating apps for iPad, it is significant to think about the client base. Users typically choose apps that incorporate utility to their tablets. A few users also love playing games over their iPads, whilst business professionals choose business apps that could be resourceful to them in their everyday work. A lot of people use the iPad as an electronic reader and prefer to read magazines on it. This is the reason why publishers and business owners create magazines for iPad. Further, the enterprise is the largest customer since it is effortless to run Enterprise applications over an iPad owing to bigger screen size as well as a strong processor.

Enterprise users, nevertheless, choose iPad apps which are easy to use for their staff members. They also require applications that could incorporate with their present systems such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, sales management, HRM, and more. which assists them to keep going their operations with suppleness, regardless of worker location & provides the enterprise with a comprehensive activity report.

Built-in features

In case you are going to create an iPad app, you would need to know all the features and functionalities of the iPad. It has a lot of discrete features; you must make an app that makes better these features. It has a much greater display as compared to the usual phones. The challenge is to make apps that function rightly on the bigger screen.

You would first need to know about the features and then utilize them for your own advantage in creating iPad apps. For instance, using the Retina display or making HD icons.

Multifeatured application

A lot of businesses & enterprises utilize iPad applications, creating it significant to incorporate a range of inventive features to the application, to assist businesses to make better their performance. They must be resourceful in doing a lot of business functions & simplifying the operations.

Price factor

A significant thought is estimating the expenditure prior you begin creating an iPad app. Make an estimate of the complete cost by putting in mind the numerous development phases straight from designing to app launch. This moreover makes certain that you don’t go beyond your budget.

Promotional aspect

An iPad app won’t be successful in case you do not catch the interest of the customers. Hence make certain you begin promoting your iPad app from the starting.

Frame promotional techniques and market your application over social media channels & your site. You could even shoot mailers & newsletters to create clients know about your application.

iPad is thought to be a trend-setting tab. It owns the majority portion of the tablet market around the world. The tab, and its applications, has assisted a lot of businesses to earn huge revenues and brand popularity. The expectations of consumers are big; they are seeking special & artistic iPad apps like magazines for iPad. You too could make imaginative & special iPad applications to serve the requirements of these clients. Nevertheless, do not forget to think about the aforementioned points, in case you like to succeed.

Whilst the iPad might not be the finest electronic reader on the market, it’s definitely the most convenient and multipurpose. It might be a bit heavier & glossier as compared to the competition, nevertheless, it is also the mere electronic reader that would allow you to check your electronic mail, browse the web, & listen to music together at the same gadget. The addition of the iBooks programs which would facilitate you to go through and purchase books, magazines, as well as other publications creates it an even more engaging package.

Apple magazine app

If you are an entrepreneur or publisher, the Apple magazine app is the platform you need to invest in. As above mentioned, it offers a lot of functionalities and features that make it worth investing in. The dominancy of the iPad on the tablet market makes it very important to look for it. There was a time when people go through paper printed magazines and publications and today there are no longer in fashion. At present, the internet has a lot of software vendors who can provide you with a quality Apple magazine app.

You can search for these software vendors on any major search engine viz. Google. It is thought to be great if you look at the reputation of the software in the industry before choosing one. Further, remember to read the reviews. And last but not the least, use the free trial offered by the software vendor since it provides hands-on experience.

How much do you know about Joe Biden: His Biography and Net Worth?


You don’t become the 47th U.S. vice president and not have a story of your own, right? Meet, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., or more popularly known as Joe Biden, who is one of the leading political figures of the United States of America. There are indeed many facets to this man and has time and again proven his mettle as a deserving presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Having faced much criticism and collecting accolades alike, along the way, Joe Biden has indeed carved an inedible name for himself in the political history of modern-day USA.

So, here are some bits and pieces from Biden’s life, which will help us in understanding him better!

Birth and Education

Biden was born to Catholic parents, on the 20th November 1942, in the state of Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of four siblings. Biden hails from a mixed heritage of Irish and English descent. Joe Biden Sr., his father, was not unknown to riches, but the family had fallen into hard financial times when Biden was born. So, he grew up struggling through financial difficulties, and eventually, after years of struggle, his father did manage to find a sustainable job, and they could afford to maintain a middle-class lifestyle for themselves.

Archmere Academy in Claymont was where Biden received his education. He was never academically a star student, but rather a sportsman of quite good repute. In fact, he did win many matches for his school, and his natural leadership qualities always found him being elected in the leadership roles.

He did a double major in the subjects – political science and history from the University of Delaware, where again he found himself indulging and excelling more in sports than in studies. Biden’s aim by then was clear. He was focused, and he wanted to achieve the post of a senator by the time he would turn 30, his ultimate aim being, becoming the president of the USA.

His next step was to attend the Syracuse University College of Law, which again was not something which suited Biden much, as so he claimed later. He got embroiled in plagiarism issues too which forced him to retake a course, but he finally did graduate in 1968.

Motivational fact: It is a well-known fact that politicians have to be good orators. They need to pull in the public vote and favor for them, which makes it almost a prerequisite that one is a good speaker. However, what many people do not know is that Biden has always had a problem with stuttering! In order to overcome this problem, Biden used to spend many hours in front of the mirror reciting poetry! He still has the problem, but that has never pulled him back. 

The Beginning of His Political Career and a Tragic Loss

The most significant step in Biden’s career was when he became the U.S. senator and that too before he turned 30 – just like he had made it clear to his girlfriend, Neilia Hunter, and then-wife, whom he had married in 1966. He became stood for the elections for the U.S. Senate in 1972 from Delaware. It was not exactly an easy-breezy win for Biden, but it did take him much effort and campaigning to win the elections. In fact, he was trailing by more than 30 points from his opponent. However, it was his image of a family man and his middle-class sensitivity which reached out to everyone, and he finally won the elections by a margin of 3162 votes on 7th November.

But all was not well for Biden since he was hit by a personal tragedy. Neilia and his two sons Beau and Hunter and daughter Naomi, were out for Christmas shopping on a wintery morning on 18th December, the very same year, just after the election results had been announced and Biden was yet to be sworn into office. At an intersection, his family was hit by a truck. Hunter and Beau were rushed to a hospital to treat the injuries they had sustained from which the doctors expected them to recover. However, his wife and daughter sustained fatal wounds and could not be revived. Biden was on the verge of resigning post this but was convinced not to do so and take his political career forward. It was a personal and tragic loss, but Biden fought with all this strength and finally sworn into office on 5th January 1973. The event was attended by his sons and other family members.

With a strategic political win and a tragic personal loss, so began Biden’s political career.

The Rising Curve of His Political Career

When he became the senator at the age of 30, he became the 6th person in the history of the USA to do so. But things for difficult for Biden as he struggled to cope with the accident and his tragic loss. It was finally in 1975 that Biden was introduced to Jill Tracy Jacobs, whom he tied the knot with, 2 years later. It was after this that Biden again concentrated on his career and kick-started everything with a renewed interest in life. An out and out family man, Biden gradually and steadily started working his way up to the top.

It was in 2008 that the most significant of his political achievements so far happened. He was elected as the vice president of the USA. Biden had withdrawn his name from the presidential candidacy but had been insisted upon by Barack Obama himself run as his running mate for the post of vice president. Though Biden was not sure, and he initially had declined the proposition, he later reconsidered and successfully conducted his campaign, keeping it low and dignified, which earned him the position. He remained in office from 2009 to 2017.

The Run for President

Joe Biden is one of the forerunners of the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party for 2020. However, this is not his first time running for the president’s post. He had first tried for this position back in 1988 and then again later in 2008 but had been unsuccessful in both the cases. According to various polls, there is a very high chance that Biden might actually defeat the current U.S. President, Donald Trump, in the upcoming elections.

Middle-class Joe’s Net Worth

Fondly referred to as Middle-class Joe, Biden’s actually worth way more in figures. It is his humility and family image that has helped him to sustain this nickname. According to an estimate conducted by Forbes in 2019, both Biden and his wife stand for a worth of $9 million. So, what makes the couple’s net worth such a fancy one? Well, the money comes mainly from the royalty of books and engagements of speeches in various public events. A large portion of the money is also accounted for by the salary that he received as a senate and also his wife’s salary of a teacher.

When he became the vice president, his estimated salary was around $225,000 per year, and while as a senate, he was earning $169,000. It was after his retirement from the office that he mainly started building his fortune. The couple earns around half of million dollars every year as a part of their pension schemes and plans. There are two books that Biden has written – Promises to Keep and Promise me, Dad, both of which earn him a grand royalty every year. While the former was released in 2008, the latter got released in 2017. The first book took up its sales when he was announced as the vice-presidential candidate for Obama, while the second book in itself became the best seller because it is centered on Beau Biden, who passed away due to cancer. Along with the royalty, the book promotion tours fetched him a handsome sum as well. Along with this, a detailed breakdown of the book tours showed that it had earned him more than a million dollars. The speaking engagements conducted both by Biden and his wife also fetch them quite a sum of money, which has contributed significantly to build their worth. It has been estimated that the couple has earned roughly around $15 million since 2017.

While his political career and net worth do make it seem that Biden’s life is one of the comforts, but his personal losses have always begged the question. While he was serving his second term as the vice president of the USA, he lost his son, Beau, to brain cancer. This left Biden heartbroken, and he sat off the presidential campaign that year to grieve. Having been a family man throughout his life, his personal losses have always kept Biden grounded and true to family values, and it does help in making him a candidate who is worth the title that he is vying for. Having a deep connection with the masses, Biden’s run for the presidency for 2020 holds a favorable chance!

Bernie Sanders and All That You Need to Know About Him


The democrats in the USA have time and again put forward some of the most influential and radiant personalities when it has come to the presidential campaign, and one of them is definitely Bernie Sanders. Sanders, who gained wide global popularity during the 2016 presidential campaigns, is today a household name. Also fondly referred to as Bernie, he became a champion for the concerns of the middle class, particularly during the 2016 campaigns, has stayed in the news since then, for his outspoken and charismatic nature. The story of Sanders is one of the humble beginnings, resilience, and a life of political activism marked by a fierce spirit of independence.

The beginning of the beginning: Birth and Education

September 8th, 1941, marks the birth date of Sanders. Born to Jewish parents, Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Sanders’s father, Elias Ben Yehuda Sanders had immigrated to the United States of America in 1921 and had found employment as a salesman who sold paint. It goes without saying that while Sanders was growing up, there was a very wide gap between luxury and necessity. Sanders and his family members corroborate that their earning was honest and humble and that they never went hungry, but buying carpets or curtains was indeed a luxury for them. Thus, Sanders was familiar with the problems of a struggling middle-class household and their sources and management of income; an experience which has come handy to him over the years of his political career.

James Madison High School was where he completed his primary education and then went on to attend Brooklyn College for a year. However, later on, he transferred to the University of Chicago and earned himself a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.

For Sanders, politics has always been a focal point of interest. He has been quoted saying that when he had read about Adolf Hitler and how his winning the election in one year and had ensured the beginning of the Second World War, he knew from his early days that politics was an extremely important part of everyone’s life.

It was in 1964 that Sanders got engaged to and married his then-girlfriend Deborah Shiling Messing, but they walked their separate ways in 1966. It was in 1988, many years later, that Sanders again got married to Jane O’Meara Driscoll, who then went on to become the president of the Burlington College. Sanders has one biological son.

Highlights of his political career

Having always harbored an interest in politics, Bernie found himself actively participating in organizations and political events, during his days at the University of Chicago. For him, this was the period during which he spent much time in intellectually stimulating himself into a career that he was soon about to step into. Here are some notable highlights from his political career:

  • For Sanders, the beginning was rather a significant but local one. He first went on to become the Mayor of Burlington, which happens to be one of the biggest cities of Vermont, from where he, later on, became a member of the senate. It was on 6th April 1981 that he became the mayor and it was on 4th April 1989 that he retired from his post. He had won this post by a margin of just 10 votes, and he had competed as an independent candidate, without any affiliation to any political organization.
  • This was not his first bid to attempt for a position of significance. He had previously tried but failed in his bid to become a member of the US senate in 1972 and 74. He had also tried for the post of Governor of Vermont as well.
  • It was in 1990 that after one failed attempt, Sanders managed to become a member of the US House of Representatives. He served a total of eight terms from 1991 to 2007. It was also in the same year that he became a member of the US House of Representatives, that he helped in co-founding the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It represents the liberal and more progressive section of the Democratic Party and is currently under the wing of the Democratic Party of the USA.
  • It was finally in 2006 that Sanders’s long-time goal was finally achieved when he became a member of the US Senate. He received an overwhelming response of 65% of the votes. He took oath in 2007 and has been serving in the senate till date.
  • 10th December 2010 was a day of special significance when Bernie Sanders held a filibuster spanning a time period of over 8 hours. This was against reinstating some tax cuts which had been implemented during the tenure of George W. Bush. The speech that he gave was published the following year in a book titled “The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class.”
  • It was in 2015 that Sanders first announced that he would be running for president from the Democratic Party. It is interesting to note here that though Sanders held an independent position in the Senate, he chose to portray himself as a candidate of the democratic party for the presidential run. His campaign raised a lot of money in just a day, and Sanders was all set for this campaign. However, in due course of time, Hillary Clinton, gained more followers from the Democratic Party was launched as the official opponent against the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, after Sanders withdrew himself from the run.
  • It was again in 2019 that Sanders came forward and announced his desire to run as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. This was after a public scandal where many women had accused members of Sanders’s campaign workers from 2016, of abuse and ill-treatment. Sanders spoke to the media and apologized to the ones who had brought up the accusations, stating that he had no idea of such things happening.
  • He formally withdrew his name from the run for president on 8th April 2020 after Biden was elected to be the most favorable candidate from the Democratic Party.

What’s Bernie’s net worth?

So, how much is Bernie Sanders really worth? According to current estimates, his net worth is something close to $2 million dollars.

However, as we have learned before as well, Bernie came from a very humble background. His was a climb up the financial ladder, and it was definitely a very slow one. When he was running for the post of president in 2016, it was estimated that his net worth was around $682,518 (max), which incidentally made him the poorest of all the members of the Congress! So, how did Sanders make his way to become a millionaire?

The maximum source of his income comes from the books that he has published. In between 2016 and 2018 he had come up with three books, namely, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political RevolutionOur Revolution: A Future to Believe In, and Where We Go From Here: Two Years in the Resistance. Sanders who had always had a favorable acceptance amongst the middle class and the intellectuals, his books became major hits in no time, and the three of them definitely fetch him an extremely high sum in terms of royalty, which has increased his net worth by leaps and bounds.

His senate salary is also quite a high one at $174,000 per annum. In addition to this, he is also entitled to two pensions. If his assets are to be valued, then the most valuable ones will be the three houses that he owns. They are quite high priced, and one of them is located in Burlington. However strange it may seem, but Sanders and his wife also currently have a mortgage on for one of their homes!

Since Sanders has always been a champion for the cause of the middle class, citing income and financial issues as his main point of contention and exploration, it is but natural that he has faced much criticism on the grounds that he himself is a millionaire. This is a rhetorical and theoretical question which does beg further probing, but it is a fact that most established members of the Congress of the USA are indeed millionaires themselves. For example, Joe Biden and his wife are believed to be worth a total of $9 million dollars. Sounds a little absurd? Well, the ex-president of the USA, Barack Obama is actually worth $40 million dollars according to recent estimates. So, with power positions, a large sum of money is indeed involved, and Sanders pales in comparison to the rest.

Being one of the most honest and sharpest of political leaders who have emerged in the recent political scenario of modern America, it is but natural that there are many followers of Sanders who believe in his policies of reform. Even though, Sanders is out of the race for president, here’s hoping that he will be active in the political scene for many more years to come because leaders like Bernie Sanders are indeed valuable.