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Smartphones are one of the considerable discoveries of this high-tech age. If we say that they have made our lives convenient, then it would not be wrong. They permit us to stay connected with the entire world at all times.

However, sometimes strangers and businesses start calling us at odd hours and disturb us. It is very frustrating to receive an undesirable call while you are attending an important meeting, watching your favorite TV show, or enjoying quality time with your dear ones.

If you are looking for an effective way that can support you to get rid of these unwanted calls, then you should use TheOneSpy call blocker app. It is particularly designed to help you block stranger numbers and enjoy mental peace.

Is Call Blocker Software Useful?

Have you ever received a storm of calls from unknown numbers who just want to distract you and have nothing important to talk about? Are you willing to put a full stop on all these calls or want to help your kids or friends? If yes, then the call blocker app is an ideal option for you. It empowers you to secretly and remotely block all the incoming calls. To use it, you will have to install it on the targeted device to get rid of the tension that you dealing with right now.

Key Features of The Call Blocker App

  • It blocks all the incoming messages and calls from a specific number on your smartphone.
  • If unknown people are trying to gain your attention, you can block them.
  • Business owners can rely on it to grab information about if their employees are devoting time on assigned duties or personal calls.
  • You can block advertising and spam messages and calls effortlessly.
  • It enables you to forward, reject, or answer the calls with a text message.
  • Parents can use it to know if their children are getting calls from stranger numbers.
  • You can remotely and discreetly restrict the calls on your team number.
  • You can erase calls and text messages history and contacts with the call blocker.
  • It allows you to create a backup of all the saved contacts and send them to your control panel.
  • You can send captured data from your kid’s device to your device without facing any difficulty.
  • It is capable of identifying the one-ring calls and restricting them permanently.

Why Should You Use The Call Blocking Software?

If you have given the liberty to your child to use the mobile phone at a young age, then you should monitor if he’s receiving calls from strangers and crooks.  When kids use smartphones, they can come in touch with both decent and evil people.

The criminals and scammers can win their trust and get them engaged in sexting, drug abuse, or other harmful activities. Furthermore, you should try to find out the reason if your teen is obtaining numerous calls in a day.

Also, ask them to attend calls from the known numbers only. If they will pick unknown calls, they could become a victim of marauders and blackmailers.

To shield your children from cruel guys, you can use the call blocker because it blocks all the unknown numbers immediately. It’s exceptional software that enables you to deal with modern parenting challenges efficiently.

Employees use organization-owned smartphones to connect with clients, investors, and customers. They can take advantage of this opportunity for making calls to their friends and families during the working hours in your absence. They can deliberately waste time on uncreative activities that can badly impact on the productivity of the company.

That’s why; all the entrepreneurs should use the call blocking app to prevent their workers from making personal calls. You can keep an eye on their incoming and outgoing calls without letting them know.

If you want, you can also restrict calls made by consumers during office time. It is an astonishing tool that assists you to dramatically enhance your team’s performance and grow your business.

If your teen is having an extramarital affair, you can block all the incoming calls from his number to prevent him from cheating on you.


If you want to eliminate stress from your life that arrives with unwanted calls, get TheOneSpy call blocker app as soon as possible.

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