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Protect Mental-Health

It has been a difficult job for everyone to manage the old normal lifestyle, with the whole home being stuck indoors. A novel virus is spreading from one state to another, from one country to another and we are powerless in front of this disease. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones is to stay home, practice hygiene, and keep a well maintain social distance from each other. While staying home we can do our best to maintain a routine, stay away from all the fake news and cures, and most of all breaking news. Because as we know the symptoms of anxiety and corona are almost alike i.e shortening of breath. So the best we can do is to protect our mental health along with physical health. Make sure you are keeping an eye on all the household members, especially teens and senior citizens.

So how can you protect and monitor your loved ones in this age of privacy and personal space? The best and easiest way to know what some on is going through is monitoring their digital footprints in case if they are not expressive. Teens for example mostly don’t like to share personal experiences and feelings more openly with elders. To ensure their safety and protect mental health it is necessary to know what they are going through in this quarantine period when they have no school to go or friends to meet with etc. The smartest way to keep an eye on the teens is to get a monitoring software also known as spy app. One of the best spy apps i.e The OgyMogy offers a lot of features which can help you to monitor your teen activities.OgyMogy is monitoring software that allows the user to have complete remote access of the target person device. Just select the desired package and install it in the device of the teen and all others who you need to monitor.OgyMogy supports windows and mac systems as well as offers an android spy app version to track through android phones.

Try To Maintain A Healthy Sleep Schedule:

With all the workplace and educational institutes closed, there is no strict schedule to follow. So in these circumstances, it has been a difficult job for parents to maintain normal healthy sleep schedules for children. You can keep an eye on them by limiting their digital activities.OgyMogy offers the feature of screen recording which allows the user to watch the screen of the target person at any given time. You can track their sleep time by monitoring the screen activities and make sure they get proper deep sleep.

Keep An Eye On Their Search History:

OgyMogy offers the keylogging feature which gives access to all the keystrokes applied on the target device to the user. This includes all kinds of passwords, emails and keywords applied. Thus if your teen is searching too much about the COVID -19 or symptoms or breaking news etc, you will know it immediately. Thus now you can arrange a one to one sitting and openly talk to him or her about everything.

Bann All The News Sites:

The Internet is a wild world. For the sake of views and clicks, people spread fake news that can cause anxiety and fear among the public. So with track internet browsing features of OgyMogy, you can check what kind of websites are frequently visited by your teen. It also records the bookmarked folder of the target person as well. Thus you can simply block any site spreading fake or more frightening news that can be inappropriate for your children.

Monitor Their Social Media Activities:

As people are stuck at home, there has been an increase in social media usage since the lockdown situation has started. So make sure you monitor your teen social media activities.OgyMogy has a list of social media soy apps like the Instagram app, Twitter app, Facebook app, Whatsapp spy app, and many more. It allows the user to know all about activity log, chat history, voice record, etc.

We are all in this together, So make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones.OgyMogy can help you to maintain a peaceful quarantine time with your family.

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