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Wavlink Extender Installation

The internet traffic and setup issues made you go crazy. Setup or might be the plan you are on is not helping your needs. Be carefree from now as we are up with a lot of tips on the same.

These Could Be the Problems

  • Might be the unwanted apps sucking the bandwidth.
  • The internet service provider is constantly giving service to others and increasing high traffic and a lot of mess.
  • You have chosen an inappropriate plan for your extender.
  • Or the router and the Wavlink extender Setup are not done right.

No One is sucking The Data Other Than Internet Service Provider 

Internet service providers are the ones behind the curtains. Which is sucking the bandwidth. Although he is a culprit in that case then. But he could not be the one only to be blamed. As sometimes your area would be facing a signal network problem. Which will be leading to these disgusting slow internet problems.

He should not transfer all his users to the same network. On the contrary, he should always make sure that no. of users in the same locality are not the same network users.

Slow Internet Plans

A slow internet plan can be a very big issue, though it is very simple to switch to a higher, good, and big plan which assures to give a full 5G speed with a nice amount of bandwidth. However, it can be a myth. If the network provider is not fair enough then these bandwidths have nothing to do with it.

Test The Speed Or Change Some Settings 

Test the speed of your internet. As it will clear up the picture. Like if the internet speed has no issues from the back end then the existing router and Wavlink extender are the ones up for Setup or Reset.

Note: If these tips ain’t helping then you can take the help of

Extender And Router Need A Relocation

If the existing router needs a change in location then you do not need to change the wifi connection. Hence, we have to relocate the router. Once the relocation will be done you will see that the internet will be back to its work. And all your problems regarding video streaming will vanish.

Power cycle the Device

You have changed the location, but it didn’t work. If the device location is not having any problem, then it’s high time to power cycle your device.

But no worries sometimes because the power supply might not be equivalent. Consequently, you will face the issue of slow internet access. So power off your device from the socket, wait for 5-8 seconds, and then again restart. You will definitely see the internet has become a bit faster than earlier.

Virus in the System Working As Bugs 

There are many reasons for the slow internet, but viruses and bugs might be eating the data speed. But the possibility of it is in your hands. For ex- while working on a PC and laptop one msg constantly shows or you can say pops up on your side screen, however, it’s a matter of one moment.

Once you touch on that malware and virus, bugs simultaneously start eating your computer system and making it slower, and because of this networks get affected badly. Therefore, which results in slow internet.

Keep Router And Extender Near

Although the router works as a fast signal transformation device. But it is necessary to keep an extender to extend the range of the signals and an extender does that. As a result, it is necessary to keep the router and extender near. To keep the signals going through with the same intensity. However, the wavlink extender login can also do that easily.

Connect An Ethernet Wire

Though all the tips are very helpful and most of the users are performing the same process and getting good results. But if you think you are still unable then you can just connect a hard wire ethernet cable to get a good result, while the internet not working issue is persisting and keep on coming back to you. It is so easy, you just have to take an ethernet cable and connect it from behind. Ensure that one end of it should be in connection with the extender and another in the computer port. You are done.


We hope this article is informative and configured all your queries regarding the wavlink wifi range extender setup and slow internet. But if you think there are a lot of queries still left then you should re-write us in the chat box.

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