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Best candidates for liposuction to cure your excess fat

  • Must be in good health
  • Carrying within 25 lbs. of his or her ideal weight
  • Bothered by these fatty areas
  • Want to get rid of these problem areas once and for all
  • Have had no previous surgery.
  • Have firm, elastic skin
  • Do not have frequent fluctuations.
  • Desire reshaping and not weight loss
  • Do not have significant medical problems.
  • Do not have problems such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, or poor circulation
  • Are psychologically stable
  • Do not smoke
  • Are accepting of any limitations
  • Are well informed about the procedure
  • Hold realistic expectations about the outcome
  • Exercises regularly

Liposuction surgery in India is done after concerning with your surgeon. Hence it will consider in determining whether or not this procedure is appropriate for you by your medical examination. It is advisory to discuss the procedure thoroughly with your doctor. Yes prior to the procedure take advice with your doctor.

Liposuction surgery India Liposuction can be performed in following areas.

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Outer thighs
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Inner thighs
  • Inner knees
  • Upper arms
  • Submental
  • chin
  • Gynecomastia

Have you ever heard about Bat ears? It is the term given to ears that protrude from a person’s head but are extensively large. It is more than what is considered normal and needs a surgical treatment. These protruding ears aren’t a medical problem but do not look good on your face. These types of ears have no effect on hearing abilities, but sometimes it is considered an issue in society. Sometimes kids with bad ears often get teased by their peers and lower their confidence. It can therefore affect a child’s self-esteem and body image and hence need an optimal treatment. If your child is bothered by the size of ears, then consult your doctor for the desired solution. Otoplasty in Punjab is running successfully these days to cure such kinds of problems.

It is important to discover more about the Otoplasty which helps you correction of your big ears.  Bat Ear correction surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab is offered by many clinics.

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When can Otoplasty help?

Otoplasty in Punjab performed at any age and it is an ear correction surgery after the ears have reached full size.

It generally can be done after at five or six years of age.
– At young age

cartilage is soft and more pliable. – Child will experience the psychological benefits and get the desired result of cosmetic improvement.
– Performing the procedure at a young age boosts their confidence.

it will save the child from having a low self-esteem later in life.

Just like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, Otoplasty in Punjab is taking its own pace. Otoplasty involves tiny risk sometimes. Some of these includes infection, loosening of sutures, hematoma, etc. you should consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Punjab prior to considering a cosmetic surgery of the ear.

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