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CFA Exams

Have faith in yourself that you can remember what you are sitting on. Do not bring negative thinking into your mind. Often children are scared to see the whole book during the exam and think about how we can remember it completely. Which you have already given up. So believe that you can remember everything. Best exam prep for CFA exams focus on the bright future of student

Remember not by cramming: How to Prepare for Exam Preparation

It is seen to an extent in the students that they start rote every single thing. You should not write topics, understand and remember as many questions as you can.

Sleep on time

A person should get average sleep. But during the examination, it is often seen that children study till night and wake up early in the morning. Sometimes children can sleep for 2 to 3 hours at night. This shows the stress of the exam. The quiet atmosphere of the morning is appropriate for remembering or keeping things in mind. Therefore, we should try to sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning. Why is it necessary to sleep? Which relaxes the body and relieves tension. Calm your thoughts before going to sleep. Calming the mind is probably not known.

Eat proper food

Regularize your food during the exam, especially 1 month before the exam. Eat normal food, eat less, and maybe eat a little at different times because eating more food at one time will cause sleepiness, will seem boring. And that can make you trouble while teaching.
Avoid spices and food, do not eat junk food. Drink plenty of water during the exam; it will not make you sleepy, tired, bored. Keep drinking water at regular intervals. It will be beneficial for you.

Set goals (decide how much to read today)

When you sit to read, then decide how much you have to study during that time. Try to not read everything at once. It can make you bored and it can increase stress. Therefore, you should make 2 to 2 hours of work and study. Then after 2 hours take a half-hour break and in the meantime play normal games to reduce your stress. Or do something according to you that you like.

Meditation and leisure

Meditation can strengthen your focusing abilities. Although it may seem boring and easy, it can help to manage your stress which distracts you from all those things.

Study notes

Notes It is not possible to prepare during the exam, but you should prepare it in advance or 2-3 months before the exam. And if you do not have notes, then you can make good preparations with books like 21, 20-20.

Time Management

Exam Preparation How to Prepare for Exam: To better prepare for the exam, it is important to manage time properly. Keep these things in mind in time management…

  • How much time is left for the examination?
  • What is the syllabus?
  • Which subject has to be given more time?
  • How many courses have you read
  • Revision time
  • What is the weak subject?
  • How many hours to read

In time management, keep in mind that the subject whose exam is in the last, read it first. As the examination gets closer, start preparing for the exams to be held. Well, it depends on your overall hard work, how you read, but it can still be a useful tip.

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