No Widgets found in the Sidebar; Our kitchens are packed with lots of miraculous food for example Grams which are also known as chickpeas. They are found almost in every household in India. Grams are one of the best legumes found as it is packed with a lot of nutritional value. Often we ignore the health benefits of grams but to tell you the truth it is one thing you would want to stick on to if you are vegetarian and looking for options full of proteins. Grams or chickpeas are also included in the main course.

When we roast the grams or chana it becomes a great healthy substitute for munching at late nights or whenever you want to nibble something in the day. And guess what it wont even affect your weight. This makes roasted chana a lip smacking snack.

Chana are roasted on medium or low flame without removing the skin till the time the outer skin becomes crisp. Roasted chana is filled with proteins, folate, minerals and fiber. The fatty acids content of roasted chana is very low hence it keeps the blood sugar level balanced.

The health benefits of chana are many. are enumerated below :

  1. Weight loss

Roasted chana are full of fibres which are essential to keep digestion process slow which inturn helps a person feel full for a longer period of time. This puts a check on the urge to eat again and again. Apart from it, one of the biggest nutrients it has is protein. It is full of proteins which keeps you fuller for a longer period of time and helps in weight reduction. The calorific value of roasted chana is very low, hence it makes a great evening snack to be eaten with tea or coffee .

  1. Increases the bone density

Roasted chana are packed with so many nutrients that you can get awestruck by this tiny miracle sitting on our kitchen shelves. It is full of phosphates, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. All these help in building and keeping the bone density of humans in balance.

  1. Don’t have to worry about your heart again

Because roasted chana is high on antioxidants it saves our blood and cells from any kind of damage. In addition to that it is full of folic acid. And folic acid helps in preventing arteries from getting blocked and any kind of clotting of blood.

  1. Boon for your pancreas

Roasted gram is literally a boon for your pancreas. Our pancreas needs magnesium to produce the insulin and keep it balanced thereby preventing the blood sugar level from going up. And roasted chana is full of magnesium which will directly help in controlling the blood sugar level.

  1. Great for your eyes

Roasted gram are full of vitamin A along with carotenoid. Both of them help in keeping eye related diseases at bay. It also contains zinc which is one of the important elements to keep the eyes healthy .

  1. Teeth and bones get stronger.

Because roasted chana are full of calcium, sodium and phosphorus it really helps in keeping the teeth and bones stronger. Isn’t it great to have a snack which keeps your teeth healthy too.

  1. Men’s health

Roasted chana helps to keep the health of men in a better place. If eaten with jaggery or with milk it certainly boosts the fertility in men. It is said to relieve men of any kind of UTI also.

  1. Helps in maintaining the blood pressure

Roasted chana has copper and magnesium in it which helps in relaxing the blood vessels. In addition to that it also helps in reducing the inflammation. Phosphorus which is in roasted chana in huge quantities helps in keeping the heart safe by reducing the blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure can take this amazing snack. In a way roasted chana helps in decreasing the blood pressure.

  1. Helps during pregnancy.

As we all know that iron remains a major reason behind the blood formation and deficiency of the same can lead to many diseases like anemia. A pregnant woman needs a lot of iron for blood to reach the unborn child. If there is any deficiency of iron in the pregnant women there is a major risk of premature baby. As roasted chana is full of iron it can help in strengthening the immunity of the mother. This can help the mother to fight away infections during the pregnancy.

  1. Keeps your skin healthy

Roasted chana is infused with anti inflammatory qualities which helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling and other skin related issues. And the abundance of antioxidants help in keeping the skin healthy and scar free.

Above are good enough for you to grab these healthy snacks. Apart from this it must be taken care of that a person must eat at least 100 grams of chana or 2 bowls of it to make use of the nutrition in chana. 50 grams of chana has 9 grams of protein and 28 grams of sodium and 215 calories. But they must be taken in moderate quantities to avoid any bloating and other health related risks. Otherwise all those people who are looking for healthy, vegetarian substitute for a good protein rich diet along with other nutrients can go grab this tasty snack.

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