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Every country has been establishing the formatted scheme for literacy and there will be a representative person appointed as education minister. This article talks about the importance of education minister Punjab and who is currently taken charge in this position. Mr. Pargat Singh is a person who has been selected for this role by the Punjab government. He was a hockey player and turned into a political world. He is considered by the people as the best defender. He was taken a “Captain” charge of the Indian Men’s hockey team in the matches of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Before stepping into the political world, he was working as a superintendent of police with the Punjab police team. In 1964-03-05, he was born to the couple of S.Gurdev Singh and Smt.Naseeb Kaur at Mithhapur Jalandhar. He’s always interested to take the present in the activities of sports and directing youth towards righteousness. As a politician, he has been doing with utmost responsibility, and for his passion that towards the adults, he was nominated and elected for education minister Punjab.

What Is The Role Of The Literacy Minister?

Learning is the most important factor in everyone’s life. Every state is been considered as the developing one according to the range of literary and economic level. That’s why the government has been formulating such policies and amendments for helping the children to study. In the sense of providing scholarships and other offers for respective community people who have been considered as low caste. On 2021 October 13, Mr.Pargat Singh has emphasized the purpose of the blueprint for giving a boost to higher study.

Why Did He Meet Proficient Educators Recently?

Mr. Pargat Singh was been in the interactive session with the prominent educationists. The purpose of this meet is to create a mechanism for having regular contacts with eminent and respectful names from the side of the academic world. He assured this mechanism would make an impact in the future literacy system; mainly on higher studies.

More than 30 academicians, vice-chancellors, experienced lecturers, teachers, principals from all over the state have shared their perceptions about this mechanism. And, the further step has to take to the next level by the Punjab government. About his contribution towards the youngsters, he is the most responsible education minister Punjab throughout the past decade. The major functions of this ministry are listed out below.

  • Enhance the scholarly standard-setting,
  • National integration in scholarship policies and all reforms, and national focus on school issues,
  • Doing programs for giving importance to national cohesion and equity and so on.

What Did He Say About The Response Of Government?

Mr. Pargat Singh said the Punjab government was truly and respectfully responding to all demands of each union and every citizen employee constructively. He has awarded with Padma Shree in 1998 and Arjuna Award in 1989 for his service to the students. He proved his passionate works have helped lots of people, especially among the student’s life in sports and political journey and still it’s being continuing.

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