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Different cosmetic dentistry services affect the look of your teeth and smile. According to the gathered information, dental veneers are the most popular methods to have a more beautiful smile. Veneers are unique dental covers and thin shells that hide your teeth’ discoloration and misalignment. These dental covers are customizable and dental laboratories create a unique veneer for each individual. Veneers can also be like a dental bonding method to have a brighter smile and whiter teeth. The good news is about veneers’ aims. They concentrate on your teeth’s shape, size, and color at the same time. As a professional dentist offering dental veneers in Toronto says, although veneers are durable and stay on the surface of your teeth for a long time, you will need to replace them after a while. However, their long life will finally end, and you must be able to replace veneers at the right time. We will inform you of the signs of a good time for replacing your veneers.

Replace Your Damaged Dental Veneers

One of the most essential things to consider about dental veneers is their health. If you face damaged veneers, it is the best time to replace them. Your veneers can get chipped, cracked, or broken over time.

You may break your veneers by biting hard and firm food or objects. Be careful about your veneers and protect them just like your natural teeth. The replacement time of your veneers depends on the damage to your veneers.

For example, if your veneers get damaged in a small portion, your cosmetic dentist can repair them quickly.

On the other hand, extensive damage on your veneers may not be possible to repair, so you need to replace them with the help of your professional cosmetic dentist.

Change Your Discolored Dental Veneers

The discoloration is also another reason to replace your veneers. Although veneers resist food stains, they may become discolored over time. People who drink black tea, coffee, and red wine may have discolored veneers. Generally, your eating and drinking habit is effective on the color of your veneers. As you know, your chosen professional cosmetic dentists can polish your veneers to remove their minor discoloration.

In case of severe discoloration of veneers, you will need a cosmetic dentist to replace them as soon as possible. Removing minor stains from the front surface of shells is possible, but the severe ones will need a natural replacement.

Replace Your Dental Veneers to Have a Better Bite

The third reason to change or replace dental veneers is to feel changes in your biting process. It would help to replace your veneers when using new dental treatments like orthodontic therapy.

Imagine you lose one of your teeth; what can you do? The first thing to consider is replacing your veneers due to tooth loss. But why? The answer is clear and brief because veneers are no longer proper for your teeth.

Veneers need to fix your dental shape and fit your teeth, so you must replace them whenever something changes. If you don’t replace veneers at the correct time, you may feel dental discomfort, sensitivity, and other oral issues.

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