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While selecting the options among Testosterone Replacement Therapy and abusing steroids to normalize the testosterone level, be it for building muscles, and stronger bones, getting rid of ED, boost libido, many sufferers think that both can get the same results. Unfortunately, this is absolutely a false impression and a major mistake since the intake of steroids does not even produce the natural result that TRT can bring.

Those who consider testosterone to be a form of steroid should note with care that even if it is so considered, Testosterone is a naturally growing steroid (hormone) in the human body. As per the doctors’ opinion of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic that TRT is not lead to High T resulting in the growth of male breasts, liver damage, lessen sperm count, or upset libido which can be a scary outcome of consuming steroids available OTC and online. Therefore, it is high time to come out of these vague myths, confusion, and market rumors. To know more keep reading the article

What Does Testosterone Do?

While found in a very low percentage of females, Testosterone is predominantly a male sex hormone produced by the testicles. Its function involves the development of male reproductive organs and their other sex characteristics. It is also responsible to regulate sex drive, muscle and bone mass and their strength, and production of RBC and sperm. It also controls the emotional well-being of individuals, their focusing ability, memory, energy power, and drive.

Noteworthy and the level of testosterone should have proper balance depending on the age of a person while its imbalance, whether it drops below or rises over the normal level causing Low T and High T respectively can toll inversely on its basic functions.

TRT and Steroids — How Do They Differentiate?

An individual with low testosterone is likely to experience notable deficiencies in terms of muscle mass and strength, lack of concentration, fatigue, sexual performance, etc. Opting for TRT in a dependable medical facility like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic can help restore testosterone levels and recoup deficient areas naturally and steadily. Unarguably, the outcome may be different among individuals depending on their age, underlying causes, and lifestyle they follow as guided by physicians.

Consuming illegal medication or varieties of steroids can increase testosterone to an extreme level and mostly result in artificial muscle gains, an increase in performing in athletic endeavors, and temporary enhancement in performing sex in bed. It is worth noting that abusing steroids may lead to high testosterone and affect one’s physical, emotional, professional, and sexual life drastically.

Fact file About Steroid Abuse

  • The use of illegal steroids has become widespread for bodybuilding, excelling in sports, cosmetic benefits, building muscle, increasing testosterone, burning fast, boosting energy, having long-term erections, and so on.
  • Whether lacking in naturally produced testosterone, steroid abusers use supplementary testosterone to over-perform and eventually become victims of different health complexities
  • Steroid Supplements are found in oral and injectable medications and mostly contain high dosages. Notably, the FDA has not approved the use of them.
  • It does not involve any diagnostic tests to figure out if a person should intake anabolic steroids for different purposes including an increase in testosterone. The lack of medical involvement causes uncontrolled health risks and side effects.

Fact file of TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is an FDA-approved medical treatment administered by specialist physicians to treat the issues associated with low testosterone. Its objective is to restore the desired level and never reach an extreme range. Thereby it can offer great benefits of

  • Increased lean muscle and bone density
  • Lessening of fat tissue production
  • Improved erectile function
  • Improve in libido
  • Better mood, reduced anxiety, and enhanced concentration

Patients can access all these benefits while having a well-monitored treatment procedure by reputable clinics. Thus, it will not lead to unforeseen side effects of abusing steroids.

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